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I subscribed again this year so I don't miss any of the games I can't make this year.


I logged on to check out a bit of the first game of the volleyball tournament today.


Although there is a link, and it began buffering / connecting ..... that's all it does.

It's not bringing me to the actual video.


Anyone having similar issues with Dane Zone?

Is the 4 o'clock game supposed to be covered by DZ?

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I really do not like the changes they made to the Dane Zone. They changed the video and it's so much worse than last year and there was no audio. Anyone else try it out last night? It really is unwatchable and I think I'm going to ask for my money back. At least last year you could see some of the numbers and the score on the scoreboard. Now with the new video, it's terrible. The camara seems so much farther away even though I'm sure it's in the same place. Anyone else notice this during the basketball game last night????

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I have Dane Zone as well.


For most of the games of the volleyball tournament, and the basketball games this past weekend, there were issues with actually receiving the feed.... buffering and buffering and not actually connecting and receiving. Eventually it would come, but I missed alot of the games. And yes, I have a fast computer and disabled the firewalls.


I totally agree with you DRG..... nobody mans the camera... it's set in one position and never is moved... it's zoomed so far out that you really can barely see anyone scoring a basket.... no score.... no audio.


It's really better not to offer danezone, then to offer the service in those conditions. It lacks professionalism.


There should be announcers, there should be someone following the game with the camera, zooming in and out when appropriate, and there should be the score on top or corner. The only time you know the score is when there is a timeout, and then someone actually moves the camera, and zooms into the scoreboard.

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Have you written to UA Athletics about it? I was at the game, but those using Dane Zone should contact UA directly to see if improvements can be made. Don't make them read the message board to find their problems.


I'm going to do this because it really should be improved for those of us who live far away.


There should be announcers.....


Try using Fox 980 online http://www.foxsports980.com/main.html for the audio if Dane Zone only has the video.


Last year they played the Fox 980 broadcast on the Dane Zone. It was funny because you could hear them during the commercials sometimes.


I had Fox 98 doing the play by play while watching Danezone. Wasn't to impressed by the quality of video and didn't like the 5 second delay. I'll probably write an email to night complaining.


I tried this as well but it was just throwing me off since it was definitely more like a 15 second delay.

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