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It's coming...more and more chatter out of the BE/Pac10/Big10 etc. They will fight amongst themselves and then we'll (mid-majors/low-majors) fight over the scraps.


Anyone have a guess on when the crap will hit the fan? It could get nasty with conferences/schools shuffling for position.


I hope we have the leadership in place to do what's right by UA.

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This could be an avenue for us into the CAA for football or even maybe an all-sports membership. If the Big East ends up losing most of its football, then you could see a new eastern FBS league pop up and grab names like Delaware, James Madison, etc..

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We gotta do what ever we can to make ourselves as attractive as possible...It appears it's not longer a matter of if but when will all of this happen. The paradigm of the NCAA conferences is about to make a drastic shift and there is a good chance we'll be swept up in all of it one way or another.

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A few relevant words from McElroy, although I don't believe a word he says about his plans for football.




UAlbany does have a football team, competing in the Football Championship Subdivision (formerly I-AA), which could make it attractive to a larger league, should openings occur.


“We want to make sure that in the landscape we don’t get left out,” McElroy said. “By that I mean, as other teams are growing, improving and changing, we want to be doing the same thing.”


The Great Danes will open the 2011 football season playing BCS school Cincinnati, a member of the Big East. This gives the Danes an opportunity for more recognition.


“We get national exposure, just from that situation alone,” McElroy said. “If you’re not prepared to have a stronger program, be competitive and recruit, you’re not going to be able to play.”


McElroy would like to continue playing similar schools and expand the football program, which is led by longtime coach Bob Ford, who has been successful on each level the Danes have competed, including its recent more to the FCS.


McElroy, who was an AD at American University and Cal-State Sacramento, before coming to UAlbany to oversee the school’s move to Division I, is confident these predicted changes will occur in the next few years.


“We have to be prepared with a plan,” he said. “We have to understand what’s going on and what’s driving it and where we fit.”


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I'm curious to know if the comment about opening the 2011 season against Cincinnati

was actually confirmation that it is still a go for that particular season.


I've never supported this secretive approach that seems to have dominated this ADepartment. When McElroy actually does speak and gives some sort of detail, it seems to be what I want to hear. But, nothing seems to ever happen.


The scheduling has been slightly aggressive from my standpoint.


The major failure is the upgrade of facilities. I'm sure it hasn't helped a bit for Kermit to have died right in the middle of our charge......


....but for how long can they use that as an excuse. When's Philip going to step up, along with McElroy, and announce some aggressive plans and goals????


I also understand that if the NYS government stepped up and supported UAlbany athletics funding, we'd already be building a stadium. Instead, the bozos gave us NOTHING.


I'm angry that NOTHING has been done with the stadium yet, and I want to blame someone. Funding raising for this stadium should have been announced years ago. Our leaders should have had some stones and aggressively and publicly supported our stadium goals. If I recall, didn't McElroy have a get together with the local business community to push the stadium? I guess that was a few years ago by now.... and it was ONLY one time.


He could have done things differently... I'm not sure how substantial the gains would have been though.


If I were the AD, I would have never thought that the NYS government would have shot down the funding.

I still can't believe that they did. Did they look at the facilities at the University that represents the NYS capital?


I guess it doesn't justify not having backup plans.


Especially with what's happening with the conference shakeups,

what's the plan now McElroy & Philip?


In the decade with McElroy at the helm, what facility upgrades have we seen?

And how much did it cost?

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"We have to be prepared with a plan"


I refer to Danefan's comment within his post, and utilize his statement as my own thoughts regarding our football plans.


Like you...I'm not picking up what he's putting down. Lip service!


Keep raising the funds in total secrecy, I hear it really gets people motivated to give.

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