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Athletic Facilities


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Another year comes to an end, and we don't see shovels hitting the ground. Wow.

Any thoughts at this point? Anyone hearing any rumors?


While we wait another decade for even the most basic of football mini stadiums,

what could this AD actually be doing now?




How about making simple, miniscule upgrades, and cosmetic touches to what's already there & how about revamping the current athletic facilities webpages?




How about a nice paint job on the dugouts and other wooden structures surrounding the softball field?

The field, fencing, scoreboard, foul poles all look fine. But, then you have those horrible looking things.

How about some gold and purple on all of those buildings? Plant some grass while you're at it.




Our new ultra mini lacrosse stadium deserves some new photos on the website, right? Seriously, you have a recruit that's been contacted by the coaching staff, and the first thing they do is head to the UA athletic facilities website and look at we we've got. Anyone notice what we have for JFF still?


Same thing for Alumni field. It is certainly nicer than is depicted on the website. How about a photo that actually gives it justice?




Is this the best they can do? Take a look at my blog. How about using THAT photo (which was taken by the AD staff) on the website?


How about this:



or this:




Also, how about moving the VARSITY FIELD (SOCCER) photo at the very end of the outdoor facilities page, or delete it and take another? It shouldn't be one of the first photos on the page.


The overall look of the webpages is dull. There are a thousands of tweeks and twists that could make it look 100x better. The borders and spacings are horrible. Text jammed against photos without space.

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I'm not sure if the plan was to leave the 'horrid' conditions as is,

in order to make a strong impression for desperately needed funding?

At this point, we'll be lucky to get any funding for anything over the next 2 decades


So I say, do everything and anything possible to make the overall appearance nicer.


All they need to do is give me permission, and I'll buy a few gallons of paint and grass seed, and

I'll volunteer my labor and time to improve the softball facility.

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Finally, someone says it:





However, MLL commissioner David Gross said John Fallon Field, which has a seating capacity of 2,500, is currently too small to serve as a full-time pro facility.


"Depending on how we draw on Saturday and the fan reaction we receive will go a long way in helping decide if we believe Albany could be a successful league market," Gross said via e-mail prior to the game. "As for John Fallon Field, on an ongoing basis it's not a big enough venue, but will work perfectly for this one event."


Another possible venue is RPI's new East Campus Stadium, which seats 5,200. That's still much smaller than some MLL venues. The Denver Outlaws play at INVESCO Field at Mile High, home to the NFL's Denver Broncos.




How many more events are going to skip the Albany area because of the lack of a stadium.

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Wouldn't it make sense to build a LARGE stadium in the space where the state offices currently reside - right next door to the university?


Afterall, they can never decide what to do with the property anyways. Build the stadium, and sign the entire property over to UA


Maybe bring in some sort of football franchise, soccer franchise & a lacrosse franchise to play there as well. Big concerts, state championships, special olympics, ncaa tournaments.... and of course FCS or better yet, FBS Football.


Of course, that would do NOTHING for the city of Albany and all of the local businesses in the area. Horrible idea. :wacko: That would give the entire region HORRIBLE entertainment options.


The city of Albany wants/wanted to build a conference center downtown, with a couple of hundred milllion dollars.... that was/is a wonderful idea :wacko: . Anyone know if they still are sitting on that cash?


It would in the city of Albany's best interest in investing in a stadium, even up near UAlbany (or on the campus if the darn state would just hand over the property)

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