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The Giants announced they're coming back. I want to know what's in it for UAlbany? How about a contribution to a field and New York college football. The New York Giants should support New York college football



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Does anyone know if the Giants' arrival will delay the new track and "relocation" of the football field? Or are even these two small steps forward really only a joke, like all the other upgrades that never seem to happen?



At this point I'd say its best to assume the small steps were a joke. This way no one gets their hopes up and when it doesn't happen, like every other plan, we won't be all that disappointed.

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In a story only in today's print edition of Sunday's Times Union:



An analysis of two deals between the NFL teams and two SUNY schools suggests Cortland College is getting into the end zone and the university center at Albany is settling for three-yard gains.


The Jets give Cortland Super Bowl tickets which were raffled to raise $27,000 for the school, other merchandise raised as much, boosters hosted in a luxury box at a Bills game, VIP tailgate party at a preseason Eagles game, and a total of $637,182 for expenses of the training camp.


Giants gave Albany a $20,000 scholarship, pay the university's out-of-pocket expenses up to $300,000. Spokesman Karl Luntta "said he disliked the notion of looking at the Giants deal as a way to cash in".


Prof Bruce Svare says it really reflects the difference between the two franchises. The Jets, who are not the dominant franchise, are marketing themselves. He also wants to know how it's aiding education :rolleyes:

(Also confirms he is a cousin to Harland Svare, Giants linebacker 50 years ago).


Economics Professor Michael Jerison says it's hard to compare the financial terms, but "definitely worth looking in more detail at the costs, whether Cortland is getting a bigger benefit"

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Does this make any sense to anyone else?



Karl Luntta, a spokesman for UAlbany, would not provide revenue numbers and said he disliked the notion of looking at the Giants deal as a way to cash in. He said the university is comfortable with its agreement because it provides a sure $20,000 for a scholarship that a student attending UAlbany each year can receive. Other benefits can be negotiated on the side, he said, but he isn't sure what has happened to produce revenues for the school. Attempts to arrange for things such as post-season development events in New York City have been made but did not come together, he said. "Our benefits here are not cash. They are incalculable," Luntta said. "We're not Cortland. We are what we are. This is not a money-making endeavor."







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