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How many legitmate NCAA opportunities this Spring?

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UMBC should still get the men's lacrosse bid, despite stumbling against Binghamton. UAlbany is just below that level right now. They're still a top-20 team, even with the loss.


In softball, the Great Danes were in the title game last year, and ended up losing in the very last game to Boston U. in somewhat of a heart-breaker. They could be serious contenders this year.


For all the talk of an at-large bid, I think realistically baseball is going to have to finish in the top-4 in the conference and win the America East title to get a berth. Teams from the North rarely get the at-large bids.

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I think the Lax will all depend on the site of the game. Right now here is how it plays out...UA will more than likely head into the final weekend w/ homefield on the line. If they beat BING...then I think the breakers will come down to a flip of a coin (only BING and UA have common opponents...so that tie break is tossed). IF UA gets a higher seat (1 or 2) then UMBC....I believe UMBC is beatable. They are without there top goal scorer...UA is a top 15 offensive team...and RAE is probably a 1st or 2nd team All-American in goal. UMBC is horrific historically on grass. UA probably should have beaten them the first time around. Merrick Thomson will be national rookie of the year if he continues at the current clip.


Softball is too young to make it this year. They are going to finish 2nd or 3rd.


Baseball. I tend to agree w/ D2k...however there is some precedent to an at-large Northeast team. Maine and Delaware made in the same season. The Big East is kinda down this year. I think UA favors comparably to the top BE schools at this point and with the A-Ten and MAC schools. They are much better than the MAAC and the Northeast conference. I think if UA goes something like 36-12 and loses in the conference final they have a shot, albeit a long-shot, as an at-large. The RPI will be in the high 80's w/ a record like that. What the committee will look at is the fact that UA played Coastal tough, won 11 straight, beat Mizzou, beat UNC Ashville (which beat No. 13 FSU), and handled a normally tough Yale squad, rather easily.


My guess....UA gets two bids...baseball and lax. Let us not forget Track....I know a coach at NU....and they are so pissed at losing to UA that they increased scholarship funding for the squad. They should get a couple of individual qualifiers.



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I realize this question is way pre-mature, but if we beat Bing in lacrosse and Bing, UMBC and we all wind up 5-1, how do they decide who gets the 1, 2 and 3 seeds. What a difference that draw would make; the 1 seed gets to play the 4 and the championship at home while the 3 seed has to play both the other co-champs on the road.

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It is a crazy system, but the bottom line...head to head, followed by common opponents, followed by a coin flip I believe. Head to head is moot. Common opponents does not apply (all three teams failed to play one common), so....A FLIP!

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