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Men & Women Compete for Track and Field Championships - Men going for 8 in a row


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While the men look for the 8th in a row the women look for the third in four years. Dominance in the conference continues w/ no let up. Road a bit easier this year for the women w/o BU in the mix.


First day results look good and both teams are in good position to earn the Championship trophies tomorrow.



Women - Team Rankings - 6 Events Scored


1) Binghamton 50.50 2) Vermont 40

3) Albany 35 4) Maine 33.50

5) UMBC 29 6) New Hampshire 28

7) Stony Brook 14 8) Hartford 4



Men - Team Rankings - 5 Events Scored


1) Binghamton 52.50 2) Albany 41.50

3) Maine 32 4) UMBC 28

5) New Hampshire 19 6) Stony Brook 17

7) Vermont 3 8) Hartford 2

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Get it! I love to read about the success of our various programs. Wish I could make it out to some events but with small children its hard. Some day when I'm gray I'm gonna hit every event...especially when retired.


Weekday event in Boston and young kids would be a challenge on many fronts for me too.

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I have been reading the T&F on and off all night; the figures put up by the teams are always impressive. My personal favorite is the 200 M Dash prelims for the men:




1 Long, Dennison SR Umbc % 22.11Q

2 Santana, Jonathan SR Albany 22.29Q

3 Williams Jr., Donald JR Albany 22.42Q

4 Jones, Taariq FR Albany 22.56Q

5 Beckford, Rudje FR Albany 22.66Q

6 Robinson, Austin JR Albany 22.54q

7 Rachiele, Jake SR Albany 22.66q

8 Koenig, Anderson FR Vermont 22.67q

9 McCormack Jr., Winston JR Albany 22.71q

10 Sullivan, Nicholas SO New Hampshire 23.02q


7 out of the 10 qualifiers are UA! There are a lot of points to be won in just this one race.

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Albany men and women sweep T&F championships.


Women - Team Rankings - 20 Events Scored ===============================================================================

1)Albany 233.50

2) UMBC 131

3) Binghamton 124.50

4) Vermont 91

5) New Hampshire 76.50

6) Maine 64.50

7) Stony Brook 44

8) Hartford 15


Men - Team Rankings - 20 Events Scored


1) Albany 231.50

2) Binghamton 134.50

3) UMBC 130

4) Maine 126

5) New Hampshire 74.50

6) Vermont 43.50

7) Stony Brook 33

8) Hartford 6

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A ton of impressive performances but the highlight is Alexander Bowen high jumping 7'3 1/4". School record and meet record. He was ranked #20 in the country going into the meet. Currently ranked #12 in the country. Coach thinks he can go higher this year. Also ties him as the second best sophomore in the country.


Congrats to the team and to Coach Vives and his staff.


Take some time and look at the results.





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Plante aligning star with UAlbany - T-U reports Kyle Plante of Colonie, who held eight state championships, will not compete for South Florida and will transfer to Albany. Didn't feel like a fit at USF, was impressed by the Albany program, had a good feeling about the facilities (!!?!). Must have seen the plans.
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