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5/8 Rule? Will men have another scholarship???

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Looks like they should have 13 scholarship players next year, so I would say no.


Also, I don't think it was formally dropped, it had to be approved by the NCAA Board of Directors and I don't think that has happened as of yet: http://sports.espn.go.com/ncaa/news/story?id=1785876


1 Todd Martin

2 Jamal Hughes

3 Levi Levine

4 Jon Iati

5 Chris Wyatt

6 Jerrad Knotts

7 Jamar Wilson

8 Aquawasi St. Hillaire

9 Lucious Jordan

10 Kirsten Zoellner

11 David Bauman

12 Joe Dyson

13 Brian Lillis

14 Brent Wilson


Walk-On Courtney Johnson


So if you assume that the rumors about Todd Martin leaving are true (?), that leaves 13 scholarship players. If he's not leaving, that means that someone doesn't get a scholarship (Hughes?). If Hughes and Martin both leave, and the rule is rescinded soon, then conceivably they could sign another player, or they could give Courtney a scholarship for his hard work last year.


Sometimes this late in the game it doesn't behoove you to sign someone else, becuase if that player isn't signed - it's usually for a reason. And then you would almost lock yourself into a player not worthy of a scholarship.

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Look for the 5/8 rule to be struck down Thurs. - that's a done deal and many schools are already positioned with recruits and many JC kids hold out for the late signing period to insure that they don't get recruited over as they only have 2 years in most cases and don't want to get buried and trying to transfer with one year after sitting the bench isn't very opportune. .


"Q" like Courtney is a walk on, also remember sometimes walk ons have other financial aid available to them


As for Martin and Hughes I have heard nothing. But if one of them doesn't return another scholarship would be available.

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Yea, no one is talking. But here is the facts. Hughes is gone and has been gone since before the end of the season. Repeat ...SINCE before the end of the season. IS gone and has been gone...period. And several posters have know for a long time, funny how they haven't said a word?????

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Everyone knew Hughes was gone but no one knows the circumstances and if he'll return next year.


If he's gone, I would imagine a scholarship would be available. If/when the scholarship becomes/became available directly affects what the staff does with that scholarship, remember it's late in the recruiting process.


If the ship was available early I'm sure someone would have been signed either to play right away or atleast another transfer.


I've heard nothing about the Hughes situation.

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I have been out of town on business for a while.


I had heard that Martin was leaving or thinking about leaving from some students in the RACC one day, not the most reliable of sources I suppose. That's why I termed them "rumors". However, given his playing time situation (something that doesn't look to be getting better with the influx of six new players) I felt it had at least some merit.


Even if Hughes is gone for good, that is 13 scholarship players on my original list. That leaves no scholarships to give, even when the rule is stricken down. The only questionable scholarship on that list was St. Hillaire, questionable as in, does he have one or was he a walk on? I believe he has a scholarship and deserves one, and then that is indeed 13 - the limit.

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Even if Hughes is gone for good, that is 13 scholarship players on my original list. That leaves no scholarships to give, even when the rule is stricken down. - DF2k3
The 5/8 rule was taken off the books last Thursday.


Going by your list if Hughes isn't involved and if Martin chooses to leave and if "Q" is rewarded with one of those 2 scholarships. There would be one available.


DaneFan2k3's list


1 Todd Martin

2 Jamal Hughes

3 Levi Levine 1

4 Jon Iati 2

5 Chris Wyatt 3

6 Jerrad Knotts 4

7 Jamar Wilson 5

8 Aquawasi St. Hillaire 6

9 Lucious Jordan 7

10 Kirsten Zoellner 8

11 David Bauman 9

12 Joe Dyson 10

13 Brian Lillis 11

14 Brent Wilson 12


with "Q" recieving a scholarship for next year by your list there should be one available if "Q" doesn't get a scholly there would be 2 available.


Break out your electronic abacus and do the math ( only joking)!!!!

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I'm not sure how accurate this is but insiders has Albany as offering Clyde Hooks a 6'7 Juco small forward from Salt Lake CC. If it's right I have to assume Hughes won't be back.


CLYDE HOOKS, a 6'7" 205 Lbs. Hooks, hails from Chicago Il. and played High School ball at Simeon High School. Hooks, is such an athlete that he can play a multitude of positions on the floor. Hooks is a versatile athlete with a soft lefty touch around the basket. As his basketball comprehension level improves so will his game. Has the athleticism to play out on the perimeter and should do so in division One college basketball. He will have two years of division One basketball. We will keep you posted on his progress and his recruitment. Amoung schools looking at him are Weber State.

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