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you know me and my friends were thinking about doing it, but we dont have that much time. Tomorrow night im going to the lacrosse game and sitting in the press box. Gonna be writing a story for the ASP about how the Lacrosse program has made such leaps and bounds since UA went to Division I.


I read the article. I liked it alot. I'd like to know who these pricks are that keep trying to push us down. Top 10 offense in the country, and no one takses this team seriously??? please, go keep drolling over Texas.

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GD84 -- You have to be either the most retarded poster or most overzealous Albany fan I have ever met. Texas is a perennial College World Series team, while Albany has never made the conference tournament. How can you compare the two? Albany plays baseball in the North, look through a Top 25 poll and tell me how many Northern teams are ranked.


Then you want the Danes to play UNC-Wilmington in a random 3-game series? That will never happen. Most of the schedules are done before the season, the only games that are added are the during the week games, which take a couple of phone calls. I am sure Coach Mueller did the best he could to schedule higher profile teams, but when you are coming off losing seasons he probably wanted to build up the confidence in the team as they went through the season.



To switch sports, you were probably the only person in shock that Gary Jones wasn't drafted. While he was a great back at Albany, it was non-scholarship I-AA and he was injury prone. If Gary made it to the next level it would have to be as a fullback, not as a running back.


It's no wonder, I become dumber after reading the ASP each week.

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ok, thanks for the rant. I knew Jones was not gonna be drafted. I never expected him to be drafted. I dont even think he will get a NFL contract, and will end up in the CFL.


And Albany added St. Johns earlier this year as a throw in game. And i never said they would play a three game series against them. Im talking about 1 game. AND, i just threw a random name out there. Hey, go play a Big East team, its even better off in my view. I dont know what teams are open or are not open. I just saw on a site that said UNC-Wilmington had a day open that week. I dont know, im here in Albany.


And what im saying is that baseball is so stuck on Texas every year, they look to beat up on these small teams, to prove that they are nothing special. Whatever. im excited that our team is doing good and has a chance to make the NCAA Tournament.


There is no need to call me retarted. And if you dont like it, dont beat up on someone. Just dont read it. Dont read the ASP, i dont care. Your rant was pathetic and totally out of line...especially when you attack someone for there feelings, and you could even get the facts straight. You just wanted to throw words into my mouth based on what i have said on previous posts. Thats just sad and pathetic.

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Daneman, while I think GD84 needs to chill and learn how to write slower so his thoughts come out w/ some logic, he is sort of on point. He got the UNC-Wilmington idea from me; I had posted earlier regarding that team specifically. Delaware and UNC-Wilmington are both offering guarnatee games (DE offering a home and home). At this point...I wouldnt want to send the guys down there w/ the record we have considering the loss of school time. However, a month ago...this was a viable option. I still think BC should be scheduled if possible.


Jones...didn't get drafted for one very glaring reason...HE CANNOT HOLD ONTO THE FOOTBALL. He is very fumble prone. The injuries (two) that he had were not that serious.


As for Texas....DANEMAN is right...they are the pinnacle along w/ Miami, Stanford, LSU, TULANE, Fullerton, FSU, and most southern schools.

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