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Danes quarterbacks lead.......

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Turnovers Kill - we completed only 2 passes in the first half and they were both to Monmouth which led us to a 10-0 halftime deficit. A deficit we just couldn't make up in the second half.


We are not a GREAT FB TEAM. We are a very decent NON-SCHLARSHIP school. No passing attack and our vaunted running game and huge offensive line couldn't muster a first down in the first half and our total offense was around 100yards for the game.

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I'd like to hear from someone who was there; it seems that just like the Brown game, they gave up on the run too soon, trying too many passes an third and short instead of banging a third time. I don't like running from a one-back set either, I'd prefer a lead blocker.

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I was thinking the same thing yesterday UAlum while I listened to the game. Too many first down passes and too much Sciarra throwing the ball. To their credit Monmouth has a great D and knew we coundn't pass. We can run over the middle and bottom half of the league but the other top teams are going to expose our weakness and that weakness is glaring. It's a shame because Ford has done such a good job building depth at every postion. I don't know what the QB situation was supposed to be this year but I question if this was it.

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When is UAlbany going to land a stud quarterback????? What a joke. I am sorry but it is embarrassing to see a dual QB system. All the other schools in our conference seem to possess QBs that start for three years and get the job done. When are we going to find a franchise signal caller that we can pencil in there every week for about 20-25 straight games????? Albany is lucky to be 4-3 with lackluster production from that position. I can't believe the defending NEC champs put that kind of Division III talent behind center.

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OK people settle down! We are still a VERY GOOD FB TEAM for this conference! I was at the game and spoke at length with Fordie and Simpson after the game. The QB's did make some mistakes(INT before half was Monmouths only TD) BTW, The D is outstanding and will be a strength for a few years. But according to the staff the loss goes on the O-Line and critical T/O...if that int was not thrown before the half we win 7-3....because Monmouth's QB's aren't that good Period!


MONMOUTH WAS better on D then Brown! Fact! Sciara threw a beautiful pass in the 3rd qtr to cut the lead to 3. Albany had MANY MANY CHANCES in the 4th to WIN outright, but fumbles and lack of production on 3rd down killed them. Gary Jones got 70 yards on the ground...thats not bad. They would pick up 5-6 yards on 1st down, throw an incomplete on 2nd and get stuffed for a loss on 3rd. It happened the whole first half. I really thought we were going to win on the final drive of the 4th, we were on the 38 but got no farther. If we would of got better production out of our line we would have won by 2 TD's. Monmouth D is tremendous and they also have 2 QBs that are not that great. This Monmouth team is beatable...if we played them 5 times we would win 3 out of 5....just not on SAT!


THE DIFFERENCE WAS O_LINE AND TURNOVERS. WE WILL SWEEP THE REST OF THE NEC SCHEDULE! We need to play better at Towson. People, we did not lose to a lousy team, we lost to a team that should go on and win the NEC, unless they choke and lose to Sacred Heart ....which we need to have happen.


So everyone put the shovels down, we don't need to bury Albany just yet. If they win out they are 8-3. If they lose to Towson 7-4. If they lose to anyone else, then bury them.


Let me tell you naysayers one thing. I was down close before the game and watched both teams warm up. This is HARDLY D3 talent. This is a great level of football. No they are not Miami or Florida State, but they are not far away from full scholly 1AA ball. I was very impressed with the size and speed. They would both destroy d3 competiton....and probably beat the top teams as well! This as I havesaid before equal to mid tier D2.

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OK people settle down! We are still a VERY GOOD FB TEAM for this conference! 


Ruler what the Heck are you smoking????


How could you say we are the better team and could beat them 3 out of 5? Give Momouth the credit they deserve - they're better than us and they proved it on the field!!!!


Jones got half his yards on one play other than that they ate him up!!!!!


If our turnover situation was just this game maybe I could give your post some credence but we consistently turn the ball over each and every game. I have seen "ZERO" improvement in that area.


When your QBs complete more passes to your opponent than they do to their teammates, and you don't get a firstdown in the first half you have problems.


Take the 2 big plays away in the scoring drive and we mustered less than 100yds offensively. Yeah !!! We were really moving the ball.


As much as I appreciate the job Ford has done I also wonder where he/or the Offensive Coordinator came up with that last "BIG" play which was ruled a lateral gone out of bounds and moved us right out position for at least a FG opportunity. Really original and tricky, especially with a QB with no skills.


Our strength offensively is suppose to be smashed mouth Football and instead their "D" smashed us in the mouth and we backed down.


"NO EXCUSES" the better team won!!! and we are left to play out the season for 2nd place.


The HYPE is over - we are a "very decent team" playing in a "real crappy conference".


Look at what we've done against the decent teams on our schedule.

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Agreed, the lateral to Jones was a stupid play. I AGREE! We got beat at our own game of smash mouth, no question. We were outplayed by a better D is also true, but to sit here and throw dirt on the team is a mistake. Sacred heart is not a lousey team, and SBU, Wagner, and RMC does not exactly scare me. We have played the NEC's best team on Sat and Lost by 3....even with all the mistakes we lost BY 3! We have won 4 games we played with the Turnovers. If we eliminate T/O we probably beat Monmouth....so what if most of Gary Jones came on one play...who cares...they were only down BY 3. If O-Line had any balls on Sat they would have scored more...they didn't.


SBU is not exactly Nebraska coming to town,Wagner is not exactly Miami we are playing and neither of these teams were better then Monmouth! Oh, btw Sacred Heart beat RMC, so how tough do you think RMC is gonna be?


Yes, as of now we are playing for second place, but if Sacred Heart knocks off Monmouth...which can happen, and we win out its a 3 way tie.


So, Patch, I know you dislike the football program but at least they have already won a championship!

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The QB/Passing has been frustrating to watch all season and it was only a matter of time before it cost us. To be perfectly honest I was surprised we were picked to win the conference with 2 QBs who had never started a college game before.

That said it's way too early to start thinking we're out of it. Monmouth's remaining conference games are all on the road. They have a great defense (#1 in 1-AA) but their offense leaves alot to be desired. Can't forget that Sacred Heart is only two years removed from their conference championship and will essentially be playing for the championship as well against Monmouth.

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Ruler you are now an IDIOT!!!!!


So, Patch, I know you dislike the football program but at least they have already won a championship!


I have done nothing but support the Football program as well as all the other Athletic Programs.


I have stated I want them to go All Scholarship. I go to just about all FB home games. In fact I'm just a sports enthusiast I was at the Albany Invitational XC meet and the Field Hockey game this weekend.


When the hoops team lays an egg I am the first to admit it. In Football, against good teams this year we have laid an egg!!!!!!


No matter what sport "TURNOVERS KILL".!!!!!!


With that said let's beat Stony Brook - BAD

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