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Dane Pound...Question???

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You ever talk to anyone on campus or anyone in general about promoting this site? I know i see the little flyers at the basketball games and football games, but you should try maybe getting in contact with media relations. See if they can hook up up with the UA website or make little announcements during the games like, "Hey, like talking Danes sports, go to....". Or talk to WCBB and have them say 1 or 2 things during the Saturday Sports show they have, or just whenever they get on the air...just wondering if you ever did that? I think it would be a hit with alot of people.

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I have talked to people on campus about the board. To a person, they've all been terrific, very encouraging.

I did inquire about setting up a link on the UA site but was told it can't be done because the University doesn't control the content. The people at the NYC alumni site were kind enough to put a link on their site. As far as I know, they are the only alumni chapter with a website.

I like your other ideas and will work on some of them for next year. I hadn't thought about WCDB but it's a terrific idea. If you happen to know anyone there shoot me an email.

As far as having the PA announcer mention it during the game, I'm not sure how that would work but it would be great if it could be done. My wife and I have discussed sponsoring one of those in-game contests to promote the site. Ours would go something like-if you can knock down a cardboard cut-out of Nick Marachuk with a basketball from halfcourt you win a free hotdog, brought to you by big purple fans.com. Something like that.

Time and winning should build our fanbase and consequently board participation. Thanks for the suggestions.

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just an idea, but a throw out there...why dont you sell the site to the University??? I know it probably wont work cause they can take away alot of the things you wanted with it, but if you sold part of it to them or something, and they give you control over the board, and i would figure you have good control over it, there would not be any problems. Its not like you would be on salary for the University either. Sell it, but leave you on as manager of it. You could then work with the Univeristy as to what you can and cannot have on the site...but just a crazy idea.

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I think the whole point was that the University can't control what people say on here, and thus won't promote the site. That is the gist of what i got out of Dane Pounds' post. Thus, selling this site to the University wouldnt' make any sense, because they still couldn't control what people said on the board but then it would be THEIR site, instead of Dane Pounds'. Get it?


I'm pretty sure if the University really wanted one, they would set up their own message board. But there are too many legal issues involved in that. I'm sure they don't want to get involved in this mess.

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Danefan2K3 is right. The alumni association did have a link to the old Private Pound site. They removed it because alot of alum complained about the profanity and overall atmosphere of that board. I would imagine that's why they're unwilling to link to another message board.

If they are interested in buying, I could let if go for $1 million or so.

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