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President Update


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Got this today in my email...


Dear ******,

As we enter a new year, and as I enter my second semester as the University at Albany’s 20th President, I wanted to reach out to our most valued supporters and update you about major initiatives and key issues. I plan to be in touch with you on a regular basis as we work toward our shared goals for UAlbany.

Over the past months it has been a pleasure and a privilege for me to get to know our talented and hardworking students, world-class faculty, dedicated staff, and accomplished and loyal alumni. Every day I become even more confident that UAlbany’s future is bright, promising, and exciting.

One big reason I’m so optimistic is that student interest in UAlbany is at an all-time high. This past year we received a record-breaking 24,900 applications for the Class of 2021, and enrolled our largest-ever freshman class. Much of this remarkable growth is being driven by our two new colleges: The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, the first public option for engineering in the Capital Region; and The College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security and Cybersecurity, the first college of its kind in the nation. Enrollments in both colleges are running far ahead of initial projections.

To maximize the potential of innovative new programs while building on existing areas of excellence, this fall I began a “Listening and Learning Tour,” visiting all nine of our schools and colleges and many other internal and external stakeholders. Five core priorities have emerged from these conversations: Student Success, Research Excellence, Diversity and Inclusion, Internationalization, and Public Engagement and Community Outreach.

To accelerate our progress on these priorities, we are moving swiftly to complete a strategic plan that will guide our work over the next five years. At the same time, I am working closely with my leadership team on numerous important issues, including a new financial model to ensure we have the resources to sustain UAlbany’s trajectory.

Key to that effort will be the success of our $150 million comprehensive campaign, This Is Our Time, now in its quiet phase. With help from you and fellow 1844 Society and Heritage Circle Society members, gifts and pledges to the campaign have already surpassed $86 million. These gifts are already at work—strengthening student scholarships, expanding internship opportunities, and supporting faculty research.

As we continue to build on our achievements and seize new opportunities, we are poised to claim our place as a leading public research university. I want to thank you for your support and partnership as we write the next chapters of UAlbany’s history together.

Havidán Rodríguez
President, University at Albany


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Went digging and found this on the strategic plan...what happened to the old strategic plan? How much of it was implemented. I know a new leader will want to chart his own course, just curious is all.



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For those that have never seen it, the facilities master plan is still up and can be viewed here...there's an entire section on athletic facilities renovations. Starts on page 104 of the document.



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Inauguration for President Rodriguez was today. His family came from various parts of the country to see him, it was pretty cool to see them all visit. They had a small dinner last night, a coffee ceremony this morning and the official ceremony at the Performing Arts Center on campus today w/ the Chancellor.


UAlbany's new president is inaugurated


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Probably endows 2 scholarships for life.  All depends on how we utilize the funds.  My guess, it’s two for now.

to me, every time we get scholarships endowed it is a huge step as the money can be otherwise used to add scholarships to other teams that are underfunded or diverted to other athletic expenditures.  Great job by the staff 

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For clarity, that's if we touch the initial gift.  If we don't, then you assume a 4-5% rate of return...and that would endow a scholarship for life.

This is a great step, even if it is ONE ride.  I know William and Mary football has a fully endowed program.  That would take us years...but if we can get a qtr of our total scholarships (all sports m/w) endowed...it would free up a huge portion of money to be re-invested into facilities, operations, recruiting budgets, salaries, and of course...a rainy day fund. 

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Takes a million to payout 40 G, which is pretty close to an out of state scholarship.  They don't touch the historical amount which is the donations.  When we set up a scholarship, we donated an extra amount to increase the spending amount.

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