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Not to depress UAlum or Statefan

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SBU will replace their Lacrosse coach who is tenured by reassigning him to other duties in the athletic department.


Evidently Macarachuk has a great contract so they are working around firing him and buying him out by allowing him to coach one more season and "retire" whatever that means. His entire staff including his son have taken other position. His son went to Iona and one of the Iona coaches (all of who were let go) is coming to the Brook, I think Nick and Ruland worked a deal. Unlike the coaching moves at Albany the staff at Stony Brook bailed for self preservation.


The women's basketball coach is on the hot seat also.


The relatively new (1year) Stony Brook AD (Fiore) is shaping things up to his liking, he's bringing in his own people, and seemingly every major sport coach is being reevaluated.


As for Barea, he might sign this summer with a Spanish team especially if he has another good summer, but I do expect him back for 1 more season.

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Dane Pound


These are minor league villains. Maybe you could run it as a Friday Poll. In the history of Albany men's basketball, who are the greatest villains?


My choices are:


Billy Kirsch - Siena coach during some of the most tenacious games between the schools, who cancelled the series and a big Doc rival


Jerry Welsh - Potsdam coach an all-time whiner and complainer when Potsdam and Albany routinely competed for SUNYAC titles. Also, father of Tim Welsh, the current Providence coach who terminated a scheduled game with us last year to play Siena instead.


Mike Deane - Potsdam point guard, Siena coach (altho never against us) and all around miserable jerk.

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How about the ref ($iena...totally forgot his name) who called the phantom foul on Dan Keegan in the Elite 8 game in 1993. That foul gave NYU the win with 2.1 seconds left. Horrible call...Keegan wasn't even in the vicinity. NYU went on to lose the title a week later. UA was the better team...and was primed to win the title that year!



Stemming from that game (and because Garry Murray took the final shot from 35 feet with about 1.3 on the clock thinking time was out on a 2-1 break) UA bought the new clocks on the basket with the game time on top so the players could be aware of game time!

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I wasn't at the NYU game, but are you referring to Dinny Cahill, who was the Siena point guard from something like '72-'74 and is a college ref? His brother, John, is also a college ref ( and a much better ref, IMHO) and works major conferences and the NCAA tournament.

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To be honest...not sure...brain is fried right now w/ studying. I willl look it up somewhere though.


GUY WAS AN A-HOLE. Doc looked like he was shot in the stomach when the call was made. The place was at a pitch fever, 3400 fans, rocking...shirts off, it was incredible. Then the place goes dead silent. Just horrible. The foul was allegedly on the drive, yet the call was made in the paint, Keegan was at the elbow....just ridiculous!

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