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Hey Patch

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What happened to the post you put on the Siena Board this morning? It doesn't seem to be there anymore.


I read that the Professor's ban from the Siena Board has been lifted. This leads to another Friday Poll suggestion -- How long will it be until the Professor posts something on the Siena Board which infuriates Tony and gets him banned again? (A) one hour (B) one day © one week (D) none of the above.

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Yeah Patch, haven't you learned yet that to say a $iena recruit is NOT a top 100 makes it a negative post toward them? as well as complaining about the discussion being cut off.


Thanks for keeping their weaselness in the forefront.

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I'm glad to see you guys are keeping your eyes open. The Siena board has been a little wackky lately. My last message was taken down and that's OK, what's encouraging is that I haven't been banned, I didn't really expect to be because I really didn't say anything derogatory. "I must be the Rodney Dangerfield of College Hoops - I get no respect"


As for the professor, he's allowed to post on the $iena board - that's interesting he's like a time bomb can go off at any moment. The one thing about the professor "HE" tells it like "HE" sees it. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.


Some of the $aints are complaining about recruiting 5 guards and others are saying that now the $aints will run and press and have outstanding perimeter play.


I for one don't really care, I'm more concerned with the Danes.


I heard (all second hand info) that Lucious is looking "very" good and right now is in great shape.


"Der Big Man" is also looking "very" good and he's "HUGE".


Jamar is at about 75-80% and pain free.


Dyson seemingly will help out rebounding and defending and can finish around the hoop.


B. Wilson evidently is a very good shooter for someone his size.


All four freshman are starting to adjust to the physicality of DI type play.


It's going to be great that none of the freshman are going to be thrown to the wolves and asked to play 35+ minutes a game "night in and night out" like Jamar, Levi and Iati.


The only new person not on campus is Perry, I think.


With basically every one back and the addition of 8 more bodies I'm optimistic we are headed in the right direction.

(Jamar, Lucious, "Der Big Man", Perry, Dyson, B. Wilson, Lillis and Bauman)

Edited by Patch
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I have to say S.T. is certainly loyal to Lanier. No matter how much he defends the recruits he has to have his doubts about bringing in five guards no matter how many stars hoopscoop gives them. Most of the other posters on the $iena board are doubtful as am I. As Patch said things are wacky over there and will get downright ugly if the $aints get off to a poor start.


Great to hear about Brent Wilson. A 6'8 guy who can shoot the 3 hmmmm...sounds like Taylor Coppenrath. But seriously hopefully he can rebound and bang underneath as well as shoot.

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Dane Pound


B. Wilson can shoot it (and I haven't seen him at all) but from his Bios I would imagine he would benefit a little if he could add some bulk to his frame. I hear he competes well. I think Bauman needs strength too.


As I posted before the 4 freshman are going to be fine in time and I would imagine 2 or 3 will get the opportunity of minutes early in their careers.


The real keys to this years team will be the return to health of Jamar and the addition of Lucious and "Der Big Man".


I also expect Perry to get minutes early at 6'1" 187lbs . He should be somewhat of a seasoned kid and I don't think you recruit JC guards with 2 years eligibility for the future especially when you have Iati and Jamar for 3 and Lucious for 2 years, as well as the 3 freshman perimeter players and Courtney.

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Thanks, but I've seen a few clips from the Rivals Board in Iowa, more importantly I hope to get on campus an see the guys play on their own. The one thing about clips is they're always good.


Anyone who is being recruited DI can play some, I'd like to observe the guys playing some pick up against other DI players and get a sense for how they like to play and what they like to do - which is not always what the coaches want them to do.


Like I said in a previous post about "Der Big Guy" when he's effective most will say it's because of his size, when he has a bad night (and he will have some) people will be quick to label him a stiff.


If/when I get to see the players workout I'm sure I'll let the "Big Purple Fans" know how I assessed the talent.


Remember it would just be my assessment so take it with a "Grain of Salt". I'm just a working man who is a coach wannebee.

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Unfortunetly you can't attach files when you email through the site. If you email it to me directly at danefan1@localnet.com I'll find a way to get it on the board.


Patch-I won't worry about salting your assesment unless you come back telling us what a great dunker Iati is.

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