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Roster and Coaching changes?????

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Is it just me or is UA slowere than C**p updating their website.


We still have last year's roster and last year's coaches listed, this can't help recruiting at all.


If I were a parent of an Albany recruit and I went to the UA website looking for info I would find the info their embarassing.


A coach from Albany has been calling the house and he's not even listed on their website.


If I wanted to see who my son would have to compete with in 2005 I would have very little info.


Who ever is responsible should get their act together.

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"little things matter" ... justified, constructive criticism for the athletic dept. ... i'll add another for the university central administration/admissions office - the walkways and facades of "the concrete campus" need to be sandblasted ... years of muck have made everything connected to the podium less attractive ... i was on campus recently, and was more than a bit disappointed with the upkeep ... prospective students/athletes may think likewise

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I agree. Email Dr. McElory and CC Brian DePasquale. They are very receptive. I am sure they will get it on it....but do it quick before the Giants arrive and BD is off his rocker doing work for them.


Hey...also suggest live stats for football....I know of another school that is doing that in the NEC this year. I would do it...but obviously have no time right now!

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Albany is far from the worst site out there, but that's not what you want. Other little things like the non-displaying picture on the Facilities page contribute to the halfassed look. It's not just the athletics dept. either, some stuff on the U home page is a little dated too.


Basically you've got to make it look like the people who run the university and project its image care about their work.


Maybe they'll take a volunteer's help after I retire (but better if they improve themselves in the next five years first).

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Go to the "Roster"(no coaching changes) and go to "meet the Team"(still have Marvin Cheese listed and same coaches), nothing has changed there. Also go to Coaching Staff (no changes).


If you were going to list the coaches on the Main Basketball page it would have taken 5-10 minutes to correct the entire site.

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That's a Big improvement, but.........


Now they should delete "Meet The Team" and bring it back when it's ready with pictures of the players and they should immediately update "Coaching Staff" and the site would start to resemble a Good Mid Major site.


In the "Coaching Staff" section besides being old (still has Spisto and Stewart listed) they never even had a photo of Coach Stewart.


In this day and age a Good up to date Website makes a good first impression to Student/Athletes and their families. If my son was contacted by the Albany Basketball staff the first thing I would probably do is go on line and check out the Coaching Staff and the program.


What I would find at Albany's site would not overly impress me. College sports is a big time business and should be run like a business. Either the Coaching Staff or the Sports Information people should be accountable, so that the school projects a positive image.


It sure is good to see 14 names and the additon of players 6'8", 6'9" and 7'1". Finally we have a full roster and some experience and some size.

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