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The roster has been released. About 90+ guys....a rather large contingent so you can bet some will be red-shirted.


Two notable thoughts: First, these guys are just huge at each position. We have never seen Omar play, but if Johnson/Fantell are the backs of the future we should be fine. He is 230 lbs according to the roster....HUGE for tailback at this level. Second, this team is very young it seems....which bodes well for the future!

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Dane 96 you have ggod posts on here. How do you see this season playing out? Think we will win the NEC? etc. Just wanted to get everyone's opinion.


On a side note I have heard the Defense is coming together very nicley. They are comparing it to Monmouth's D last year. Obviously there is no Joe Sentipal but the D is supposed to be the sttrenght of the team.


It has the biggest D line in Albany history. Everyone who is projected to start is over 250 along the front. They have 220-240 lbs LBs and very big kids in the secondary. They will match up well sizewise with pretty much everyone they play including the big boys.

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I will post my comments in an hour (lunchtime over here in my lovely abode). As for Jenks, DP you are correct. I would think Kelsey has natural strength so they have no problem lining him up as a "small end". An NFL comparison is Jason Taylor because he is about the most undersized player in the history of the position. I drank with him and his wife in South Beach (wife is Zach Thomas' sister) and he is very well put together but far from big. He loses a ton of weight during the season, however he is a flat out athlete.


W/ the guys we have, if Jenks is over at DE, you can put a large wager that he is very quick to the ball and very strong for his size. I do think he lost weight (didn't he come in at 225-230?)

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You're right he was a little bigger last year. The press release issued earlier mentions his quickness at the end spot.

Andre Coleman is actually listed heavier this year and he was pretty freakin big last year. He could really be a monster this year with Jermaine Lee, Kryzack and Sands. I agree with Ruler that the defense should be really solid this year. I'm not nearly as confident about the offense.

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Hey Dane fans.


I'm a Siena guy and checked out the roster to see which Siena players ended up making the crosstown trip.


I was wondering if anyone had any insight as to what kind of playing time they might get?


What is the Dane's depth like at lb? Stern was a pretty good player for Siena and word was Genovesi is the real deal but got hurt early on.


I noticed they moved Nutter from safety to tight end. I thought Nutter was the best player on the Saints defense and was surprised to see the move. Do you guys got a couple real good players at safety or is the tight end depth lacking and it a way to get him on the field?

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Welcome to the board. From what I am hearing Albany's D may be the best in school history and we have had some really good Defense's over the years(Thanks Coach Simpson).This year its big and physical at every position. ESPECIALLY at LB. Apparently they all can fly to the ball including the transfers from Siena and incoming Frosh. This will be the teeth of the D. So as far as playing time goes, I am unsure. But I am sure there will be a heavy rotation at all the positions because they do have good depth on D.

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