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  1. 2017-18 Season

    Interesting fact of a very disappointing season, UA played 7 teams who have/are playing in a post season tourney and have a record of 7 - 7 against them. UMBC, UVM, and Hartford Iona, Louisville, Canisius and Colgate
  2. Recruiting - 2018

    Remember Devlin developed severe back issues while at UA. I heard CB make a statement that Lulka was skilled and compared him somewhat to brent Wilson but I'm not quite sure what that meant.
  3. 2017-18 Season

    He has the bloodlines which will speed up the process!!!! Doesn't need a "Godfather" to get him a job he has a true father to help him out!!!! He's done a great job at UMBC even though it has been a short time!!
  4. 2017-18 Season

    I ran into a couple of players at the Mall and they seemed upset by the decision and it sure doesn;t send a good message to possible recruits.
  5. 2017-18 Season

    I have heard that Brown has hosted coaches and others and even youth teams at practices.
  6. I think he'll be back I heard he's in a special program he can graduate in 3 and have his Masters in 4. But then he might be able to leave after 3 if he has his degree and play immediately as a Grad student but that seems unlikely. The school probably will give both degrees simultaneously when he completes the program.
  7. 2017-18 Season

    If people are worried about being profitable cut the damn security budget we had no problems with 1/4th the amount of security we have now!!!!! (LMAO)
  8. Lets not start hyping the entire class of new players, lets see what they bring to the table. Every recruit at every school has good qualities or they probably wouldn't be recruited. We need some bigs that can play right away. There's definitely a lot to be excited about but I think we have to temper or Vermont like enthusiasm.
  9. It amazes me everyone knows that David is the guy who when he plays well we play well but when it comes to All AE he gets screwed!!!!!! No one should have to plead Davids case his numbers speak for themself. He deserve to be on one of the three teams. I think it's other coaches holding back trying to protect their own players.
  10. You are rockin to your own drum!!!!!! David is a very valuable piece to the puzzle and is not replaced as easily as you think!!!!
  11. When a reporter sees Nicholls and Charles having a discussion in the hall while the team is practicing questions are asked. CB didn't make a big deal about it, he said Nicholls had been kicked out of practice and that he had done it to Jamar Wilson numerous times so it not a big deal. We on the board started speculating and making non evidential judgements. It shouldn't be a big deal unless Nichols got suspended from the team which I don't think happened.
  12. 4 SRs and Cremo started, I don't think this was any type of benching for David.
  13. Recruiting - 2018

    More on de Sousa : NERR‏ @NERRHoops 6h6 hours agoMore Rankings are always subjective & to demonstrate that @MikeYagmiNERR has his own 2018 Big Board http://ow.ly/vHHc30iwUCR He rates de Sousa 12th and thinks he was way under recruited!!!! Click on the link