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  1. Looks great. Seems to play a lot of D as well. Guessing he is going to be a JR this year?
  2. Perfect. Game should finish just in time for my 5PM wedding hopefully. lol. Edit: my bride doesn't seem onboard with my plan lol
  3. #5 play in SC TOP 10.. Happened to be a solid top 10 or we would have been higher.. Either way, I'll take it
  4. https://twitter.com/sportscenter/status/597135898447319040 Great exposure. I'm taping SC to see where it lands in the top 10.
  5. Not sure how FOs are calculated - is it the immediate action or is it whoever ultimately comes up with the ball after the skirmish? I.e, can I lose the face off but immediately swat at the guys stick, make him drop ball, and win possession? If you get what I mean..
  6. The kid from Cornell is also one of the best FO guys in the country if I'm correct..
  7. Statement game. Aside from initial 2-0 run from Cornell, that was domination.
  8. Anyone at the game? Watching on TV - looks like we have a solid fan group
  9. I like watching home grown 4 year kids grow up here. Guys like Jamar, Ambrose, Black, Hooley, Rowley, Lillis, Puk etc. I don't mind JUCO's but I'd like to have a program where the core is 4 year kids. I think Cremo and McKinley will fit that mold just fine to go along with Stire going forward. I would expect at least a few more core kids to be added for '16 that also fit this mold. It has nothing to do with complaining - I also said that if I had to critique an area it would be this one aspect. Everyone's been thrilled with the growth of the program and the success we've had. I do think it's a realistic concern.Would I be incorrect in that we've had most success with core group guys? CB himself acknowledged this and stated that he got away from what was working for him with home grown 4 year kids, and he thought that was the reason for the brief downturn in the program. So not sure why me bringing it up is complaining so to speak. On every tourney team we've had, our "stars/mvp" have always turned out to be 4 year players - and not 4 year roleplayers.
  10. You could technically have 14 of 14, if they all started here freshman year. You're correct in that I misstated it. It's early in the AM. What it boils down to is that our freshmen and sophmore class has 3 players combined as it stands now. That means that after this season, if we don't have a strong freshman recruiting class/commits, we will be going the JUCO route for a long time. In my opinion, it puts a lot of pressure on the school to get solid kids straight from HS - which is I think what we want to do. We want the strongest athletic and academic team as possible. When we have done that in the past, it hasn't worked out for us. Sometimes the game plan has to switch due to unforeseen circumstances, but I think our blueprint to success is pretty evident at this point. Perhaps this isn't a bad thing, but there seems to be a ton of people battling for PT this year - managing that will be very tough, especially since our front court doesn't have real standouts/locks in my opinion.
  11. As of this year between Fr. and So. Class, we will have 3 guys who can "go the distance". If history is any indicator, our best success has come with 4 year guys at the core, surrounded by JUCO pieces we plug in as necessary. Many of which have been big contributors. The main objective is to win obviously. Our winning formula has not been to be stacked with JUCOs and 2 year players. When we went that route, it bit us in the butt. In the AE, I believe a veteran team and solid core is far more valuable than in other conferences even.
  12. If I'm critiquing the roster, my only concern is that we have 3 players (Stire, Cremo, McKinley) who have the potential to be 4 year players as of now. 3 out of 14? In fairness, it's probably harder to get recruits knowing that PT will be minimal to zero for the next year or two.
  13. Definitely.. just frustrating.. home game is just more exposure for the school.
  14. It's a joke, especially considering Lyle was injured badly, and Oakes didn't play.
  15. Dane4ever, North Dakota, not St. North Dakota is terrible..
  16. I know that Hartford isn't a top team, but holding them to only a couple of goals in second half was great.
  17. We also have the most wins/best win % in all D1 lax.
  18. Unfortunate, since all three of those guys will be graduating after this year, and he would have had the reins for the next 2 years.
  19. Sometimes kids make irrational knee jerk decisions. Your buddy/acquaintance leaves the program and you spazz out for a second or two. Seems like CB remained in constant contact with him - shows their level of persuasion and also that they would really want the kid I would assume.
  20. Looks like we leaped to #7? Either way, looks like Yale dropped significantly using any metrics. Also interesting to note that we have the most wins, best win % among any team listed. What number should we be most concerned with? Poll?
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