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  1. Agree with that. Also, I do think that our success has been predicated on having solid 4 year players, with big contributor jucos sprinkled in. We went through a span after our 06-07 run, where we went away from what worked, and paid the price for years to come.
  2. Is there any sense that CB wouldn't be pushing for an extension? Also, any reason to not get one? Higher buyout etc.?
  3. Wasn't she projected as top 10-15 pick? How many rounds are there normally?
  4. Could have a normal job where he didn't make a ton of money and just had a lot being taken out of his taxes. Quite common. With that said, let's not fault the guy for being the victim. Can't help it that someone smashed his window with a rock in broad day.
  5. It's just hard for me to count on Charles knowing he has a medical issue (which god willing, for his sake, isn't a recurring theme), and we haven't seen a ton of him. Plus, as 08 said, we can get foul happy. Really would like another big man and/or tweener that can fill the role, but I'm sure Coach knows what he's doing, and doubt he's bringing in more guards with the avail slots
  6. Well in theory, he was doing that recruiting for us previously. Now it's naturally open to us and competitors. Plus, scouting is only one aspect of recruiting. Gotta close the deal and convince them to come.
  7. It's probably one of the reasons why in the past we were able to keep coaches/be somewhat attractive because we offered flexibility. Leverage is important, but only when you're in a real position to flex it or demand it.
  8. It's probably one of the reasons why in the past we were able to keep coaches/be somewhat attractive because we offered flexibility. Leverage is important, but only when you're in a real position to flex it or demand it.
  9. If you're consistently top 10 ranked, you're a power program. Historically we aren't but last 5-10 years definitely.
  10. Can anyone clarify as to how Brown says no scholarships have been offered, meanwhile we see on all these hoops sites that we have interest in these players. Do we only "offer" once they say, yes I'd like to go here?
  11. Question.. not to take a turn towards negative town, but hasn't he had this ongoing issue which has prevented him on and off for the last season? Is there concern it will reoccur? Any doctors or people with medical knowledge that can weigh in?
  12. Yeah but every team is going to have kids who don't play. That's just a fact. At some point, you need to keep kids who know the system and have developed some chemistry.
  13. It's a concern we've all talked about for some time. You need a freshman class. Our program has historically done its best with 3-4 year players, with a JUCO or two sprinkled in each year. The problem is less this year, but the year after. This year we have a serviceable starting 5 as it stands. We may not have much depth though.
  14. On to the next one. That's practically half the roster to be filled in a fairly short time frame..
  15. All this reaffirms that I'm getting old. He hasn't been at UA for 10 years, and it feels like yesterday.
  16. Insinuating that someone knows nothing about a topic because they weren't directly related to it....... is Siena. I'm sure D96 follows sports he hasn't played or played on the collegiate level, and yet he is opinionated on them. I can have an opinion on politics, having never been a politician. Terrible logic. The holier than thou, I'm right and you have no idea what you're talking about shtick is old. Get over yourself. You're either approaching 40, or north of it. Stop holding on to "accomplishments" you had 20 YEARS ago as a means to justify that you are an expert on the field.
  17. Plus the kid we are talking about most likely isn't going to the NBA, and we have a proven track record of our basketball athletes going pro in some form or another.
  18. Especially that he notes playing time is important. Even if there's a higher program, if they're stacked at his position, or can't guarantee playing time, we have a good shot.
  19. Wonder if there is a clause in the contract regarding conference coaching switch - either bigger buyout or outright preventing it
  20. I was one who was very worried about this upcoming season, but Rowley and Stire have really developed and should continue to be solid contributors. Throw in Cremo, a returning Dallas, and we've got a decent starting 5, assuming we can get some contribution at the PG position.
  21. Agreed, but nonetheless shows ability to coach and be successful.
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