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  1. Stony Brook without Olaniyi: Beat Maine and Bing. Lost to UNH, Hartford and Vermont. Similiar to what we've done without Healy, or similar to what we've done with the post-injury version of Healy we've had since he came back.
  2. Congrats to the Hartford women's team on their first win of the season (1-28) over Stony Brook.
  3. {not an excuse} Healy, 41 points in 33 minutes in the first UML game. Healy, 2 points in 27 minutes in this UML game. He didn't look that much different on the court but there's obviously something going on. [end not an excuse] UMBC loses at home to Bing? Does anyone actually want that fourth seed?
  4. You can probably throw roster construction in there also. We brought in multiple forwards when we need another guard who can create. Not sure how many games this cost us. Granted the Anderson injury didn't help but it was a thin line to begin with.
  5. Other places list him as a PF which makes more sense. Seems a little Garcia for Stony Brook as an undersized PF. We're also listed as having interest in Arecko Gibson, a guard who attends the same JUCO. That's the same Junior College where DJ Evans played and now coaches.
  6. I feel the same way but am hoping for the best. We were actually in a similar spot when Jamar had season-ending surgery one year and then came back strong.
  7. Totally agree with this. There was interview with Hansen of the weekly basketball show and he talked a little about how much he's learned over the course of the season.
  8. Funny the difference a week makes. Last week we were coming off the win at Maine with two homes games and thoughts about sneaking into the two seed. This week is widespread panic. It'll be interesting to see what happens with French. They've been all over the place with him - either he starts or doesn't get off the bench at all. I thought he was OK the other night. I can see why Dslyank and someone on staff liked him enough to recruit him. He moves well and has some semblance of a post-up game. I thought he rushed the shots he got, which was weird because I didn't think UNH had anyone on
  9. They listened to you. We are wandering through the desert right now.
  10. This is true but I don't think things are a straight line. There have been times when we've done it better and gone away from it. Certainly needs to be a point of emphisis again. UMBC was pretty much daring us to do and we only did it after timeouts when we had a play drawn up.
  11. Not sure anyone did. There was some speculation so I just wanted to clarify.
  12. Glad there is only two days after the UMBC debacle to play another game. Hopefully wipe away the memory of that game. Encouraging that we're looking to go inside more.
  13. You've said this before and you're certainly entitled to your opinion but I don't buy it. If you look at what men's basketball programs have done in their first 20 years of turning D1, you're not going to find another one that has gone to 5 NCAA tourneys.
  14. It's pretty much on everyone but yeah. Not sure if we thought because we beat UMBC on the road that we couldn't lose to them at home. If we did, we better get over that by Saturday.
  15. I know I'm not smarter than you so there's no way I can explain it. There were a ton of moments that made no sense. UMBC is improving as the season goes on but we looked woefully unprepared tonight. It looked like we were handed a rubik's cube every time we came down on offense and had no idea how to solve it.
  16. Sounds like we'll have Healy back and healthy for this game. Glad to see because we'll need him. UMBC has been looking more like the team that was picked 2nd in the preseason in the last few games.
  17. Ha! I heard that too. I was thinking of the difference between last season's Ahmad Clark and this seasons. Maine threw a bunch of different things at him yesterday - double teaming as soon as he got across half-court, etc. Last year's Ahmad probably would have just hoisted some shots from five feet beyond the three point line. Yesterday he was more poised, trusted his teamates and racked up the assists. He's currently 4th in the conference in scoring and 5th in assists.
  18. Just watched the replay. Great to see Healy back. Lulka looked a little more like himself in this game. I liked the combo of Lulka and Hansen together. Ahmad looked like he was going around pylons instead of Maine defenders. A lot of turnovers but otherwise, he was amazing to watch. Kind of a workman-like win but much needed to stay in a good position.
  19. And, of course, Hartford who was 10 seconds from beating Vermont, and then beat us, loses at home, to UMass-Lowell.
  20. We have an offer our to Manel Ayol, a 6'7 wing from Western Wyoming Community College. Originally from Australia.
  21. They fought hard. This has been the weirdest season in terms of guys getting hurt. Going to be a tough turnaround for Maine - Ahmad, Rizzuto and Malachi played virtually the entire game. Congrats to Ahmad Clark on becoming the 12th UAlbany player to score 1,000 points.
  22. Penn State is ranked this year. Was looking at them and realized their senior class is the same group that we beat when we played down there. They were freshman and it was during Cremo and Nichols soph years.
  23. Not shooting much better from 3. Don't think we subbed a guard in that first half.
  24. Also an offer to Dakari Johnson at Cape Fear Community College. He's a freshman so it would hopefully be a situation like Ahmad where he'd come for three years.
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