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  1. More like it—-40 pt. 2cd half. A 59-48 win. Highlight reel 3’s from Ray and Hahne. Next up a home game (finally) vs. Cornell Sat.
  2. We talked to Nate Mason and Craig Turnbull at the beginning of the basketball season. It was time for our annual donation and the GDAC giving website had not been updated - it still had references to Preferred Seating donations required for buying basketball season tickets and still listed Justin Brown as the point of contact. Very confusing. We pointed this out to them and they were very embarrassed. They made a few quick tweaks to the website and sent out that email, which only went to this year’s season ticket holders. They said there were no preferred seatings donations for basketball this year because the games were being held at HVCC and seating is General Admission (except for those lucky enough to buy courtside tickets). The GDAC is still trying to work out how seating assignments will be made next year, but said seating priority will be based on their point system. Nobody has been able to check their points online since they went to the new ticketing system over a year ago. Nate says you can call to get that information. He also said that they expect there will be a two week period next year when you will be invited to the remodeled SEFCU arena to pick out your seats based upon your points. In their shortsightedness they did not send that email to former season ticket holders who are still donors but did not renew their tickets this year because of COVID concerns or because they did not want to sit on bleachers at HVCC. Clearly to us they are still very confused.
  3. How bad is our defense? American scores a season high 88 against us but just 58 in a win over NJIT. We obviously don’t have the offense to survive all those defensive holes. Once again, Davis missing in action. Also, getting real tired of Drumgoole’s 30 foot shots with a hand in his face, and Little trying to go 1 on 5. School yard. Really impossible to take anything positive out of what I saw tonight. To someone else’s good point: if we are fortunate enough to have a new head coach next year, or at any time, would we lose Beagle?
  4. Ladies lose 61-40. Score 5 points in the 4th qtr. injuries aside, this team needs a refresher course on how to put the ball in the basket. With a healthy full cast of players, our team should be very good again. But 84 points in the last 2 games is surprising. Canisius next, on the road.
  5. Tied at 57 and we lose by 15, 74-59? Outscored 17-2 in crunch time? 2 technical fouls? Total collapse by a poorly coached team. Reddish stares down the opposing bench after an early basket? Why? Undisciplined. Technical fouls remind me of Coach Gattuso’s team with their many unnecessary roughness penalties. Again, undisciplined. Also, I like Beagle as much as everyone, he gets to the foul line, but is shooting FT’s like Blake Metcalf, % wise. Will this improve as the season wears on? Hope so.
  6. Coach Abe’s Georgia Bulldogs team is on ACCN ESPN right now playing against Georgia Tech. She still has Tahnee Balerio, Isoken Uzamere, and UA alumna Ebony Henry on her coaching staff. Her older daughter Savannah Henderson is a freshman on the team.
  7. UA up 33-20 at the half. Hahne with 12. No return of our injured players.
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