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  1. Wild time at the ballpark yesterday! UA beats Manhattan 21-20. Manhattan apparently missed the PAT. COMBINED 38 hits, 17 walks, 6 home runs. Attendance listed at 40. A W is a W is a W. At UML this weekend.
  2. Ladies lose at Syracuse today, 18-11. Bad 1st half, down 12-2, but an encouraging 2cd half, outscoring the Orange 9-6. Two games left, both AE games and both at home. One vs. a bad UML team and the finale against a very good Stony Brook team. Should beat UML. 6-0 AE record possible with an upset of SB.
  3. For those wondering whatever happened to Shereesha Richards: https://lifeisateamsporteveryday.com/2021/12/02/ep-47-i-went-pro-with-shereesha-richards/ She is playing pro basketball in Australia.
  4. Yes he does have range! 6’6” lefty with other offers from Fairfield and Robert Morris.
  5. Don’t forget that Matt Cerutti was a DII graduate and how well he worked out this year as a grad student playing DI
  6. Sorry to see this about koi. Really liked what I saw of her in limited minutes. Seemed like a natural rebounder with offensive potential. Hope she changes her mind and returns.
  7. Davis went to high school in Philadelphia. Did not get much D-1 interest and wound up at Arcadia, in Pennsylvania, where he averaged 27 PPG last year. 6’1” guard, who has already de-committed from North Texas in April of 2021. Apparently a scorer!
  8. So the decision is in, and our coach will stay. Albany civic leaders wanted transparency. As a UA alum, season ticket holder and financial supporter of the program since before it went D-1, I also wanted transparency. We all did but we didn’t get it. We don’t really know what happened and will probably never know. All we have are some admissions from the coach. He admits to inappropriate contact with a player, and also admits that he never reported this to anyone. Ever. In my opinion, these are grounds for dismissal. A fine? Suspension? He should be fired! I would have liked to see Killings, Ad Benson, or others, in front of a microphone at a news conference, explaining what happened, why it wasn’t reported when it happened, and submit themselves to a Q and A session with local reporters. This won’t happen, but it would have gone a long way toward restoring some connection with UA fans, and create or recreate some respect and trust in UA’s ability to handle such situations. Do these “civic leaders” still want or care about transparency now that their guy will keep his job? Who cares what happened as long as he’s not fired? In the future, if he accidentally hits another player or his teams go thru 3-4 straight losing seasons, and UA wants to fire him, will we go thru this same scenario again?
  9. Rodger Wyland just confirmed the student is Luke.
  10. Really? I did not notice that. Good observation on your part. And it does make sense, if the scholarship theory is accurate.
  11. I know there’s a lot going on right now on the men’s side, but.........Anyone know about a Niskayuna native playing for Kentucky. She just entered the transfer portal. Wants to go to grad school. How about she goes to Albany? I know—- I’m dreaming here, but..
  12. He has the extra “COVID” year of eligibility granted by the NCAA
  13. No, they would not report an unsubstantiated rumor. Would you, if you were running the station? They will, eventually, when some FACTS come out.
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