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  1. Does UVA rank matter and/or has our chances of winning risen to 1.75%?
  2. A concern: Can we put a hard but expected OOC loss behind us and be ready for New Hampshire three days later?
  3. I would expect Virigina to attempt to match or beat their 27-point win over us on March 16, 2007, in the NCAA First Round in Columbus, OH .... memorable trip to Ohio and post-game bar hopping, game not so much.
  4. Onward to our last Money and OOC game ... then four conference games which could give us all the insight we need about where we will fit in the America East .... New Hampshire, UMBC, UMass-Lowell, Bryant ,,,, teams that have had better OOC experiences than UAlbany ... if we go 2-2 ... hopes will raise ... 0-4 well hopes will fade away
  5. Nobody has forgotten that in between the five trips to the NCAA D1 Tournament ... there was low points and disappointments however Will Brown's overall record at UAlbany was 315 wins - 295 losses ... taking the fact of what occurred in his early tenure, admirable further no one here is advocating for Will Brown's return... thanks for reminding me what you are about .... the negative
  6. Further, I believe WB has move on ... looking to settle down elsewhere ... which would be best for him and for us.
  7. .... yes, I am a frequent critic of the coach and the team however: I applaud the Danes effort today. The Danes just could not find that run to overcome the deficit . Now, that being said this Loyola University - Chicago team is not the same type of team in the recent past
  8. I just heard a piece on WNYT, their sportscaster knew little more like nothing about Will's decision. Will's explanation is reasonable in light of his previous desire to return to a head coaching position however; he has expanded the opportunities he would consider. Best wishes Will in your future endeavors.
  9. Dec 20 (Tue) 10:30 AM at Syracuse School Day Syracuse, NY JMA Wireless Dome Listen Live Stats Tickets
  10. Columbus, OH is a great place to visit .... hope they flew there and back as the bus trip is a killer
  11. Dec 16 (Fri) 6:00 PM at #3 Ohio State Value City Arena at Jerome Schottenstein Center Columbus, Ohio B1G+ Live Stats Tickets Preview History
  12. I am almost certain that DK and members of the senior UAlbany sports administration has been subject to worse since the lawsuit has become public knowledge. Will this individual continue to show up? Not my concern, further just shrug it off as someone making a peaceful statement however this one person could grow into a movement with a group of people showing up in Luke Matters sweatshirts aka Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restuarant.
  13. Over the last four or five, the assistant coaches in MBB, MLAX and FOOTBALL have taken knocks as part of the problem whether or not the team had a successful season. I have heard this in the stands for many years,,,, even asked myself last night watching the MBB team ... what does Killing's assistants contribute to the game.... not going to repeat here what I thought in my reply to myself...
  14. LOL ... I had an opportunity to see this team practice during the final regular season Field Hockey match ... my takeaway ... the team was practicing hard and having fun .... Scott Marr and his staff appeared happy and calm. Their interaction with the players seemed so natural ... a type of maturity that comes with time... if a NCAA bid is to be it is not from the lack of trying ... with the portal and number of D1 schools now playing the game ... reaching the goal is harder.
  15. This is what happens when you invest in practice facilities ... the change in the area around Manley Fieldhouse ... then Syracuse has the resources to build such facilities ... while a refurbished arena is nice ... the need for better practice facilities will remain
  16. Scott is quoted as saying that OOC Home schedule includes Maryland, Cornell, Drexal, Massachusetts, Yale and Penn .... at least three in conference matches... so I see at least nine home matches .... with an OOC match at Syracuse, we may have one of the toughest schedules in D1 particularly OOC
  17. Perhaps, a tightly worded email to Cara White, Associate AD and Administer-in-Charge for lacrosse of the need for better communication involving the lacrosse program may be helpful. Well, it is Christmas Time, so you can believe anything is possible, in this case not likely. Oh dear, there I go critical of UAlbany Sports administration.
  18. Just a note .... Syracuse University adds another sport to its legacy of National Championships ... Football, Men's Basketball and now Men's Soccer ...Congratulations to the Orange!!!
  19. worth mentioning ... there is an Instagram posting of the announcement with 1390 likes plus 22 comments including one from Miles Thompson ....
  20. Dec 14 (Wed) 6:00 PM at Stonehill Merkert Gym, North Easton, Mass. NEC Front Row Live Stats History
  21. No doubt, Mark Benson was looking to stem the tide of bad press coming out of UAlbany ... In my opinion, this was right direction to go, since I question our athlete department ability to recruit a quality coach for any sport further I believe Scott Marr is ready to lead the Great Danes back to the NCAA Tournament, such a respected member of the lacrosse community .... my only comment to Scott, please work on your out of season communication with the fan base .... other Division One schools seem to be able to communicate with their fan base during the off season ....
  22. Eli .... do not recall from past posting whether you believe in the vaccine regiments for COVID, Flu, Shingles and other shots recommend for the different age groups .... Since start of the COVID regiments, I have had twelve jabs and except for one brief period, I have remind well .... so I have concluded they work and are safe for most people
  23. One would think the team would have vaccinated with the most current Flu and Covid shot protocols.
  24. I hoping the bad weather predicted on Thursday comes late Wednesday afternoon ... LOL .... looking for an excuse not to go
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