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  1. Nov 26 (Sat) 2:00 PM ETSU Las Vegas, Nev. L, 44-48 Box Score Recap Box Score (PDF) History
  2. From my view, this year's team like last year's team disappears for about 16 minutes a game with no scoring and limited effective defense. With Neely gone for the year and Marcus Jackson starting his first game, then suffers a shoulder injury attempting to make a play on the ball which required him to knock over the Florisa Atlantic player ...sadly that is what unfolded.... at least Killings did not have the deer in the highlights look. Lastly, Killings is not one of the solutions for this team's shortcomings.
  3. Absolutely, how did our win Boston College salvage last season ... it just became a memory .... so unless Siena follow up with a decent OOC and In Conference record plus make the tournament... just another memory
  4. UALBANY WOMEN’S BASKETBALL Danes thankful in Las Vegas By Abigail Rubel James Black / Icon Sportswire via Getty UAlbany’s Helene Haegerstrand might return from an undisclosed injury to play against 4-0 UNLV on Friday in Las Vegas. ALBANY — The University at Albany women’s basketball team has plenty to be thankful for this year. The Great Danes are 3-1 despite injuries to Helene Haegerstrand, Kayla Cooper, Morgan Haney and Lucia Decortes and are ranked 14th in the College Insider Mid-Major poll, up from 15th last week. And they’re spending Thanksgiving in Las Vegas before playing the University of Nevada-Las Vegas in the UNLV Thanksgiving Tournament at 2 p.m. Friday. “It’s great team bonding and an experience to build good memories and work on our culture,” UAlbany coach Colleen Mullen said. “Especially for us internationals, we’re not used to celebrating Thanksgiving, so that’s going to be so fun to do it together with the team,” said sophomore guard and Swedish national Freja Werth, who spent last Thanksgiving with teammate Lilly Phillips’ family in Cambridge. More good news for UAlbany: Haegerstrand might return against the Rebels. “We’re thinking that (Helene) will be back for a little bit,” Mullen said. Haegerstrand led the Great Danes last season with 11.8 points per game and was named to the America East all-conference first team. In her absence, Ellen Hahne is averaging 18.5 points per game but was held to just eight last weekend in a loss to Colgate. “They had a specific game plan against Ellen, to make her feel uncomfortable, to limit her, so I think that was also really good experience for Ellen to get moving forward, that people are going to be keying in on her,” Mullen said. “We had similar experiences last season too, so this is not like a big deal. We’re going to lose, and we have to learn from it and be ready to play this weekend,” said Werth, who’s scoring 13.8 ppg. The biggest lesson for UAlbany, according to Mullen, is “not feeling pressure.” The Great Danes trailed for just the second time all season as the Raiders got out to an early lead and shot 2-for-17 in the third quarter, 28.1 percent overall. “There was some lack of execution there, but I think at the end of the day it was just us feeling sped up,” Mullen said. “When things aren’t going our way on offense, it can’t affect our defense. We’re a defensive team and we’ve got to always fall back on that.” The Rebels, who were picked to finish first in the Mountain West Conference, are 4-0 to start the season. They’re led by Desi-Rae Young’s 17.3 points and 9.3 rebounds per game. The other teams in the tournament are East Tennessee State (4-1), George Washington (3-2), Louisiana Tech (3-1), Stetson (2-1), UC San Diego (1-2) and Illinois State (3-0). Illinois State is ranked No. 8 in the mid-major poll. “The teams that are going to be in the tournament are very good,” Phillips said. “It’ll be really fun to just show what we’ve been working on, show our skill set and just go out there and compete against bigger schools.” UAlbany vs. UNLV ■› When: 2 p.m. Friday ■› Where: Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas ■› Listen: UNLVrebels.com ▶› Abigail.Rubel@- timesunion.com A @abigail_rubel
  5. Florida Atlantic beat them by a similar number of points...my worry: Are we going to get crushed on Saturday? Florida St may be the worse team in the ACC
  6. Nov 25 (Fri) 2:00 PM at UNLV Las Vegas, Nev. Mountain West Network Live Stats Tickets Preview History Download Printable Bracket
  7. When I posted my comment, I was thinking Florida Atlantic is a potential NCAA Tournament team ... our chances of winning less then 10%
  8. Just looking at their record and the teams that they have won against, Florida Atlantic is no Presbyterian. Florida Atlantic is capable of two or more scoring runs, so our scoring cannot disappear for five to ten minutes segments or this game is in the L column.
  9. With all that said by godanesgo99, the need to show that this team can play as a team needs to start today, how this team weathers a ten minute scoring drought, survives and win games needs to start today or the dream of them doing this during conference play is unrealistic. The need to get this team to a better level is not just a Killings issue, it is the assistant coaches issue and foremost a team issue.
  10. One would think that Killing's resume of 19 years at 7 organizations (both College and Professional) would have better prepared him for game time situations. Furthermore, Dwayne Killings presented that resume in his hiring announcement as evidence of his skill set to be a head basketball coach. Coaches are hired under many different circumstances. However, the depth of Killings experience and age (41) would lead one to believe he has the maturity and experience to coach. At this time, Dwayne Killings has demonstrated none of that. Will Brown was 31 years of age with a successful head coaching position at Sullivan County (90-10) was primed to be a successful coach. However. he faced an uphill climb in recruiting after the previous coach was dismissed. Furthermore, Will Brown had to demonstrate that he had the skill set to do the job. Give Killings some slack? No way with GDAC looking to dig in our pockets more next year because of the refurbished SEFCU Arena and pending home game against Siena College.
  11. UAlbany has something in common with the "Blue Hose", neither school has beaten a D1 team this season. This game appears to be an excellent opportunity for Coach Killings to work on his head coaching skills.
  12. If Mark Benson and Vic Cegles are going to make a move likely either today or tomorrow or I forgot these two like doing things when they think fewer people are looking, meaning this Wednesday at 4:00 PM
  13. I consider MSOC, a success .... made the championship game in the AE conference by beating UVM in the semies ... after having to rebuild the team ... the team is made up student athletes with character and pride in what they do
  14. and LCC followed up that loss as the blew a lead and lost to Harvard. Our loss will to LCC is going ferment into something nasty.
  15. I had a tear in my eye when I saw you mentioned Hartwick, for some reason I have always had a fondness for Hartwick and the City of Oneonta, NY. I truly enjoyed watching Doc Sauers and Nick Lambros battle it out on the sidelines and as you may know, Nick remains active as an assistant coach for Hartwick College. Lastly, thank you to the Hartwick community in providing a 1st rate education and assisting my daughter in becoming a wonderful human being. While origins of this saying are tied to Syracuse University, I will borrow it for this moment: " My daughter and my money went to Hartwick" and it was worth it. Sorry for being semimetal this morning.
  16. This is a civil lawsuit vs criminal charges and that be said Killings has already admitted to inappropriate contact in his letter to President Rodriquez. No one on this forum or in the Albany community are looking to "hang Killing to dry" however at his introduction to the UAlbany sports community, we were promised a better program and/or a "New Mentality". He was failed to deliver on his promises. Further, Killings has bought disgraced to our school and demonstrated he will use any means to save his job.
  17. I still have a tee shirt that was handed out from the eighties .... every once in a great while I take the tee shirt out and think about a by gone era and put the tee shirt back for another time.... LOL
  18. The misery of this past week continues with today's football game, blocked field goal attempt blocked and resulting in Rhode Island running the ball back for a touchdown.... yes jimbo you are right on
  19. My ramble for the day: Killings stated when he arrived that he would bring a "New Mentality" to UAlbany; no way did I ever imagine that included inappropriate physical contact with a player, then hire a PR firm to gather a community group to provide him support under less honest circumstances. This year's phase has been whittled down to "Mentality". I am of the opinion that the "Mentality" has not included playing offense and defense as a team. Further, Killings leadership skill set, as a coach, is so weak he has been unable or unwilling to impress these concepts on the team.
  20. There is truly not much new in article below from today's Times Union, other then Killings declined to comment, which is not surprising. However, he now knows the allegations in the lawsuit will follow him to every news conference he participates in. UALBANY MEN’S BASKETBALL Killings mum on lawsuit after loss By Abigail Rubel Mark Singelais / Times Union UAlbany coach Dwayne Killings was named in a lawsuit filed by former player Luke Fizulich regarding a pregame incident that occurred last season. The start of the season has not been kind to the University at Albany men’s basketball team. Two days after star forward Justin Neely tore his ACL in a loss to Siena, former player Luke Fizulich filed a lawsuit against coach Dwayne Killings, athletic director Mark Benson and the university regarding a pregame incident that occurred last November. A day after news of the complaint broke, the Great Danes dropped a 99-79 decision at Saint Joseph’s in which they trailed 35-6 after 12 minutes. UAlbany (2-3) is still looking for its first Division I win this season. The suit, filed Monday in federal court, alleges that Killings “violently and viciously grabbed (Fizulich), threw him up against a locker and struck him in the face, drawing blood” as the team was getting ready to play Eastern Illinois University on Nov. 24, 2021. Killings was investigated by UAlbany for that incident last spring and was found to have made “inappropriate physical contact” with a then-unnamed student in a pregame “hype circle.” He was fined $25,000 and served a five-game suspension that concluded Monday. The complaint states that UAlbany had decided to fire Killings as a result of its investigation, but that a news conference held by local business and community leaders “rallied up” by a public relations firm working for the coach, who is Black, pressured the school to reverse course — without informing Fizulich, who is white. Killings declined to comment on the lawsuit after Thursday’s contest at St. Joe’s, though he said that he alerted the players of the possibility of legal action “a week or so ago.” Apart from an apology letter released at the conclusion of UAlbany’s investigation, Killings has not commented on the incident. Speaking to reporters for the first time after the investigation in April, Killings referred all questions back to his letter and a university statement. Fizulich, who transferred to UAlbany last season from Marquette, where Killings was an assistant coach, is being represented by Stuart Bernstein of Nesenoff & Miltenberg. “The facts of this lawsuit couldn’t be any clearer — Coach Killings physically and publicly assaulted our client, student athlete Luke Fizulich, by violently hitting him in the face in the basketball locker room, to the point of drawing blood and busting stitches in his mouth. The assault is not in question, as Coach Killings has admitted it. This is inexcusable conduct for a Division I college coach and SUNY Albany was correctly intending to terminate Coach Killings for the physical assault of a student athlete — until community pressure made them reverse their initial decision,” Bernstein, who is based in New York City, said in a statement to the Times Union. “Once SUNY Albany reversed their decision to terminate Coach Killings, they placed the victim of the assault at great risk of harm and retaliation by the coach and others. As a result, Mr. Fizulich, the victim, was blacklisted at other schools and has been unsuccessful in his endeavor to find another school with a basketball program that would allow him on their team. His dreams of playing basketball in college and pursuing a basketball career in Europe are shattered, all stemming from the violent assault and retaliation by Coach Killings, and SUNY Albany’s deliberate indifference to Luke Fizulich,” Bernstein continued. Nesenoff & Miltenberg is “nationally recognized as the leading law firm for representation of college, university and private school students and faculty facing allegations of misconduct,” according to the firm’s website. The firm is perhaps best known for their work defending college students accused of sexual assault in Title IX cases. Among their previous clients is Paul Nungesser, a Columbia University student who was accused of sexual assault by fellow student Emma Sulkowicz. Nungesser was found not responsible by the school, but Sulkowicz drew national attention to the matter by carrying a mattress around campus as her senior thesis. Nungesser’s suit alleged that Columbia exposed him to gender-based harassment by allowing the project to go forward. The firm also represented a Hamilton College student who sued over the school’s mishandling of an abuse claim filed by Charlotte Bennett, who went on to become former Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s most high-profile accuser. The Great Danes were set to travel to Florida Friday for the Sunshine Slam. UAlbany plays Austin Peay at noon Monday in the first game of the tournament. “The good part about this is that we’re going to be together for a while. It’s not like we’re going back to school; we’ll be together for a week. So I think this is a good time to find ourselves as a team. We just got to stay positive, keep our heads up and just move on to the next one,” said fifth-year guard Da’Kquan Davis. ▶› Abigail.Rubel@- timesunion.com A @abigail_rubel
  21. Well it is November the temps have return to normal levels: Today's weather for Kingston RI: Sunny, with a high near 44. Southwest wind 5 to 14 mph.
  22. The only mention of last night's game in the Times Union printed edition was this: DAILY DIGITAL There’s more Times Union content waiting for you beyond the pages of today’s newspaper. Here are some of the things you will find online today at TIMESUNION.COM. COLLEGE BASKETBALL UAlbany men in action Sarju Patel, center, and Jonathan Beagle, left, defend against St. Joseph’s Lynn Greer III during their game on Thursday at Hagan Arena in Philadelphia. For more: TIMESUNION.COM/SPORTS
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