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  1. Interesting. This article really makes no sense. What does getting "name checked" even mean?
  2. This show is great. Love the Mic'ed up segments. http://wnyt.com/article/12817/
  3. He's very very good and mobile QBs have always taken Advantage of our lack of size of our DEs and therefore inability to set the edge.
  4. I'm not really complaining. Suggestions: Get the band more involved. Turn down the artificial sound. The tailgate was great. Try to remember this is college football. Not minor league baseball. My two cents.
  5. Hard to see it in the picture but ours were actually dark grey. Subtle but different. Notice that they're helmets actually match though.
  6. Yep, I'm also in 205 and I even yelled at the field to turn that dude down. The girls voice was too high pitched and it hurt, now this guy is just too loud. The music was also bad at some points. Too loud. And they played over the band at one point. More band. Less music Put a mic in front of the band. Or move them to the other side. Did I mention.....MORE BAND!
  7. The visitor bleacher system is not a snap together type of grandstand that was used in the first season of the stadium. It is a leg-truss support structure that has the advantage of a reduced foundation need - the system has each leg bolted to a steel reinforced concrete pier at the base. This is far superior to the original and is the most cost effective for a bleacher system of that capacity. To most, it could be considered "permanent". Permanent bleachers no doubt. Permanent bleachers and Division I football shouldn't be said together. B9 is right. But its the chicken and the egg to some extent. If we average 6,500-7,000 then we should be talking about replacing those bleachers with an actual stadium expansion. Doens't have to expand capacity but it should be integrated into the stadium. Right now it looks temporary no matter what the construction is.
  8. From a former player's perspective - the Unis were sharp. The only gripe is the purple in the helmets didn't match. Other than that I say keep em.
  9. 6081 is a good crowd. Anyone watching the weather during the week probably stayed away. It was almost 100% chance of heavy rain durning the game the whole week. the drones were flying around the tailgate so I'm hopeful we'll have another cool commercial for local TV.
  10. Tailgate is a huge step forward. When people in the community find out it will be even better. Word of mouth. Great for families with kids. For what was a guaranteed wash out and a Jewish holiday weekend, the game was a good turnout.
  11. Sounds like it may not be long term but its great nonetheless. Hopefully he gets some special teams time.
  12. And UMass averaged 15,000 in FCS. No reason we shouldn't sell out every game if we're winning.
  13. They have deeper pockets and momentum. They also have geography and had an opportunity. We don't have either right now. The MAC is our only viable option and they aren't looking to expand.
  14. I like them but they would have been better with matte purple helmets or matte black with purple face masks.
  15. Saw this on FB this morning. Hopefully new uniforms that aren't LSU look a likes.
  16. For those of you country music fans attending the UB game - they do a great concert series. Takes that crappy little stage in the SEFCU lot to another level..... http://www.ubbulls.com/sports/fball/2015-16/releases/201503244hm8zp
  17. How do you figure? She believes athletes are being exploited and doesn't understand the concept of scholarships, evidently. We aren't Alabama...we are not making millions upon millions off of our players (therefor, her quip about exploitation isn't really valid). These kids are getting a free education (most of them) thanks to that scholarship they got from UAlbany which, due to our size and stature as a sports program and how much revenue we bring in, is probably 1:1 or close to it (we pay your $40k for school and you make us $40k over the course of 4 years by playing for us and helping us win). And overworked? Please. Let's be honest, for every Peter Hooley, who's obviously VERY smart and it shows in his school work, I'm SURE we have a bunch of athletes taking 100 level courses and getting tutor help. Just like every other school with student athletes in this country. I know we have some walk-on students, but the majority of our student athletes are scholarship (at least in our main sports). And even if they are an end of the bench basketball player who paid his own way, how is that any different than me? They still get the same help if needed as any other student via tutors (and maybe even extra since they are on a team). You know which students are overworked? Adult students like me. I work a 40-50hr IT day job and am taking 15 credits this semester due to UAlbany's POS night offerings (some classes are only offered once a year - this is why I have to graduate next semester instead of this one because the last class I need to graduate wasn't offered this semester for night students). Sure I could take one class a semester for the next 10 years, but it's my choice to take that load. Just like it's their choice to be a student AND an athlete. Student athletes are not overworked, I'm sorry. At small schools like ours, they get back as much as they give to the university in terms of value. Peter Hooley might be the lone exception due to the publicity he brought us in the spring. The only time the vast majority of these kids are overworked is when they give 150% on the field. Sorry, little rant there...lol. I didn't say she was right. But she's not in the same camp as anti-athletic professors either.
  18. She's actually supporting athletes.......
  19. Army isn't scheduling us anytime soon. They got handled royally by Stony Brook. They'll stick to Patriot League and FCS military schools.
  20. He the Director. This says it's an Assistant Director. Ahh. Thanks
  21. |sn't that Casey Crandall? The branded athletic fundraising unit is long overdue but in large part due to the politics of the foundation itself, IMO.
  22. It is really funny. In large part its Ford's legacy to teh unviersity. Football had a very focsed impact until now. We have roughly 1100 alumni. Purplefam is transcendant. i hope it contiues to spread/
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