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No matter how you look at it if we win next weekend we are at least conference co-champions. Unbeliveable day at Wagner. Jones is the first player in Albany history to run for over 200 yards in consecutive games! Sciarra even passed for over 100 yards without an INT. 200 wins for Ford and Monmouth loses. Incredible.

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Was in NJ for business on Friday and decided to stay over to see the game vs. Wagner. A few observations.


1. What makes Jones such a tough back is the combination leg strength and speed. The first play of the game, he ran 80 yards after breaking a couple of tackles at the line of scrimmage. He also had a 40 yard run where he went in motion and took the handoff - the tacklers just couldn't catch him. Unfortunately that was called back because of an illegal block. Jones could have had 300 yards - a 40 yard run called back and he didn't play much of the second and fourth quarters (he had 175 at the half).


2. Not sure if these are injuries, but several defensive players either sat out or played very little in the second hald - Boone, Awofeso, Campbell.


3. Dustin Wilson was kicking field goals before the game and doing a pretty good job. Ford was standing by and watching - not sure what that meant.


4. The passing game looked pretty good, Sciarra had a beautiful pass to Miller - had he lead him another yard or so he could have scored. Also, a nice quick pass to Crudo where he ran for good yardage. UA also ran quite a few slant patterns which were pretty effective.


5. The defense was well prepared. Wagner would line up with trips and consistently throw a quick pass to the inside receiver. The UA defensive end would actually stand between the TE and that inside receiver and took that away in the second half.


6. Sciarra fumbled twice - could have cost two touchdowns. Once on the opening drive at the Wagner goal line and once he was sacked at the Wagner 20 and tried to pitch the ball.


7. They ran the option very well. Wagner seemed to bite on the dive consistently and when Sciarra pitched, there was never anyone outside to stop the running back. On one of Jones' TD's, he ran 40 yards untouched on a 4th down play. He got the pitch and there was no one on the corner to stop him.


8. Fantell played at the end of the game. He looks really good. Only had a couple of carries, but you can tell he will be a moajor contributor in the next couple of years.


9. There were a couple of defensive players that were just physically superior to Wagner. I don't get to see many games, so I am not sure if they are always this talented. Campbell (he's big and very physical) and Kryzak (huge and just clogs the middle - makes Camacho a better player).


10. Lastly, the Wagner facility was nice. Stands on one side (seats 3,500) of the field with fieldhouse beneath it. It would not cost UA very much to add stands like that - you were close to the field, benches were comfortable...

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Wish I knew you were there. My daughter took a tour of Wagner that morning. Agree on the stadium, but they could cut the trees opposite to give a great view of NY harbor.


Most of the Albany fans were at one end of the bleachers, while I sat near midfield, in front of Tex Wilson's parents. Entertaining to see the Wagner fans get increasingly annoyed with the 'First down - Albany' chants.

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