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Early commitments

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It seems to be a done deal that National Letters of Intent will be rendered by Bauman, Lillis and Wilson. Which in my opinion is a fine group, but.........


Who will get the 4th scholly - are the Danes going for another Big man - will the Danes get a 4th early commit, might they be seeking another transfer or will the staff hold the scholly to get the best player available to them in the spring???


It's my hope that the Danes get another big body - with Wilson and Jordan for 2 more years, Iati for 3 more years and Bauman and Lillis for 4 years I think going for a big man especially a banger would be wise.

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Will someone get a President in place so McElroy can offer Brown an extension. He really would have to be a terrible coach to lose w/ these 6 guys (Zoellner/Jordan) plus Levine, Wilson, Iati, Hughes, and Martin (not to forget the others.) Damn...that is a talented and deep team that will be together for two years. That is also a large team.


This guy can flat out recruit. Lock him up!

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Ummm...reading is fundamental. I said he should get locked up because of his recruiting skills (the guys are talented) and that a $ienaty coach would lose w/ this bunch. Inference being if he is a good coach...he should win. On recruiting alone, he is a solid head coach.


That was my point.


here is an excerpt.


"This guy can flat out recruit. Lock him up! "

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Several posters are talking like we are "paper champions" right now.  I am sick of all this hype. 

Albany Observer



If you observe hoop at Albany so much, you should understand that Albany has never put a true DI team on the floor since day 1.


The first 2 DI coaches just didn't get it done.


Scott Hicks left for Greener Pastures and turned them into a manure pile.


Scott Beeten left Albany in a chaotic state.


Will Brown has brought some stability and a sense of vision for the program.


Some fans, myself included, have bought into what's going on. Right know everything looks good on paper.


Take the roster for 04/05 and compare it "on paper" with any team UA has had at the DI level and maybe you can see why some of us are excited.

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I agree everyone should be excited about the current frosh class and kids that just signed ... but my point was that ultimately, wins and losses determine contract extensions at the Division I level. Graduating kids and running a clean program is important. However, with Siena in town, we want to taste that glory. In my opinion, a defining moment leading to a Will Brown contract extension means either defeating Siena, a conference tournament win or a top-four finish in the AE standings. Atleast one of those could be attained by the end of next season, giving Will Brown added security with the UAlbany program.

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Ah, how soon we forget. Will Brown was handed the helm of a rapidly sinking ship and was asked to make it float. He had no coaching staff, no recruits of his own, a team void of D1 talent, and an iterim title. At no time did you hear him complain or make excuses. What makes him so exceptional is that he never panicked. After a poor record this past season due in large part to a lack of rebounding and size it would have been understandable if were quick to pull the trigger and offer scholarships to the first big people that became available. However, much to my suprise he used two of those scholarships not for this year but the following year! I assume he felt they were the type of players he would not normally be able to get to come to Albany. He sacrificed the short term remedy for the long term good of the school, team and hopefully his career......not bad for a young coach under pressure!! To insinuate that he has to obtain a top four finish, or defeat Siena etc. to warrant an extension is unfair.............although not only to I expect him to obtain the goals you have set.........I expect him to surpass them. Will Brown has shown he is a good young coach with excetional promise and a good ambassador for the University of ALbany, to even consider not extending his contract would be foolish. Have we forgotten so soon what a shambles this program was in and what an embarrassment it was just a short time ago....perhaps that in itself is an indication of the job Will Brown has done!

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I think Brown has done a good job. I think he inherited a mess. I also think that the Danes will be lucky to win a game without Wilson. With that being said Brown will finally have his team next year. All the team loses is Pipikis(Thank God) and adds the four new recruits and Jordan and Zollner. The Danes will go from being a potential last place team to being as good as any other AE team on paper.


Stability, promise, and the ability to recruit is what Brown brings to the table. He will get a contract extension after next year, not this year!

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u guys may get the rug pulled out from u.

if albany becomes successful brown will become a hot commodity.

end up moving on.

kinda like siena's coaches.

this season is going to be a bad one again for you with a 7 or 8 win total.

the next season is the one that will start u down the yellow brick road.

i go to about 5 albany games a year and would like to see more students get behind the team.

the only way that will happen is if they win.

the albany-siena basketball game is the best one day entertainment in the capital district cept for maybe the big red freak out at rpi.

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