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5 Best UA Sports moments from 2004

Dane Pound

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Admittedly those year-end wrap up shows are wearing off on me. This was tougher to narrow down than I thought.


Here they are:

1. Men's lacrosse beats Bing on their home field to win the AE Title and go to the NCAA tourney.

2. Men's hoop beat $iena at the Pepsi.

3. Volleyball beats Maine to win the AE title and a trip to the NCAA tourney.

4. E-Rod sets the NCAA Career Aces Record.

5. Women's Hoop wins their first post-season conference game beating Hartford.

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4 of mine are the same as yours.


1. Men's basketball beats Siena

2. Women's basketball beats Hartford at Hartford to gain first AE semi-final appearance.

3. Men's lacrosse beats UMBC (conference pre-season favorite) at UMBC in AE semi-final

4. Men's lacrosse beats Binghamton to win AE championship.

5. Women's Volleyball beats Maine to win AE championship.

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1. Realizing with three minutes to go that $iena is crumbling and they're not coming back.

2. Volleyball wins AEast championship in front of a big, LOUD crowd

3. Indoor men's track team enters the RACC from the parking lot during a basketball game, holding aloft the AEast championship trophy

4. Lacrosse at night - the Spring Fling looks to be a promotion worth repeating, getting everybody out for spring sports (warm weather helped)

5. Lacrosse team scores just enough goals at the Carrier Dome that the chant of AAAAAAAAALLLLLLbaNNYYYYYYYYYYYYY really starts to piss off Syracuse fans.


Not quite in the top five:


Baseball beats Missouri to wake us up to the fact this team may be GOOD!


Women's basketball gets its act together and gets some respect.


Softball has a tremendous season


and finally, Doc Sauers gets another conference championship (women's golf)

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1) Womens Vollyball wins the AE Title against Maine at home and fans storm the court

2) Mens Basketball def Siena at the Pepsi in a spanking

3) Mens Lacrosse def Binghamton for the AE Title

4) Nicholas Bazan runs for 200+ yards in two consecutive games (i make my radio broadcast debue on WCDB)

5) E-Rod sets NCAA Aces Record

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1. Realizing with three minutes to go that $iena is crumbling and they're not coming back.  - UAalum72


clear winner ... great call for for the top spot by "72" ... nothing better than seeing the exodus of loyal saints fans from the pepsi with a few minutes left on the game clock ... "a loss to UAlbany, are you kidding me" ... a siena friend of mine once arrogantly asked, "you don't really expect to ever win one of these do you?" ... the win made for a great Thanksgiving


men's lax spanking bing "on their home field to win the AE Title and go to the NCAA tourney" only one week after dropping a tough one at home to the bearcats ... great win, but a distant second

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