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Binghamton Outlook

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It is obvious we live and die by the three ball. You won't be able to beat anyone shooting 2-of-12 behind the arc. If we shoot the three well, we beat Northeastern by double digits.


I am predicting a recovery against Binghamton, 72-60. We did a solid job on the boards versus NE, 35-28. We will need to do the same on Wednesday. The Bearcats have some bruisers down below -- Hermenier, Adediran and Billings. Binghamton is the most physical team in the league. Sending the Bearcats to a 1-4 league start the year they are hosting the conference tourney would be a good sign for us.


Let's remember the Great Danes have dropped six straight against them since they went Division I.

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UAlbany 75, Bingo 62


I don't think we really could play too much worse than we did against NU, especially with the 3 ball and from the foul-line. They don't really have any go to guy (from their stats so far this year), so they will need a good game from all their guys to even compete I think.


Their offense has been pretty anemic and their defense hasn't been too good either. I think Jamar and/or Lucious will have another big game.


I think Levi will bounce back big too (there's really no way down from 2 points and 1-7 shooting...lol), but I'm afraid Bingo is gonna hack-up Zirsten pretty well. Hopefully he makes his foul shots.


Let's look for a good sweep with the women and the men at this double-header...and a good crowd too. :)

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This is another tough game for the Danes - donot go by the 4-9, 1-3 in AE record Binghamton brings into this game.


They have an RPI of 145 and their strength of schedule is 27

We have an RPI of 227 and our strength of schedule is 300


They have beat Maine and lost to UVM, BU and Northeastern in conference, definitely the toughest conference schedule so far. If we play well we should be OK, we have to rebound and Kirsten and Levi must come through.


Remember the AE is a much tougher conference this year ranked 18 in the RPI not like in the past when it was ranked 27-30.

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Binghamton is a good team. Their record is not indicative of their level of play - challenging out of conference schedule.


For Albany,

1. The 3 is important. They didn't shoot it well against New Hampshire or Northeastern. Brent Wilson has been the most consistent 3 point shooter in the last few games. Lucious has struggled from the 3 the last games - 1 for 11.

2. Jamar is getting good penetration but he is having a lot of turnovers and offensive fouls. He needs to either kick it out more frequently or shoot a couple more threes to keep the defenders honest. Jamar was so much quicker than the New Hampshire guards that they just couldn't stop him. Against Northeastern, the guards were able to get in his way and draw the charges. Not sure about Binghamton's guards - if they are very quick.


3. UA needs better post play. Zoellner has pretty much been a non factor in the last three conference games. He had 11 rebounds against Dartmouth but has not been a factor offensively since LIU.


I think the third point is the most important. The last couple of games, UA has become a totally guard oriented offense. They need contributions from Zoellner to take the next step.


I think UA wins because I don't think the Binghamton guards are as quick or shoot as well as Barea and Barnes. If UA doesn't get an improved game in the post it will be close.

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72-64 Albany. Northeastern beat them by 7 and BU by 15. Barea and Barnes ate them up with 53 points and BU's 3 guards had 33 points. Our guards should be the difference in this one.


That said they have a solid rebounder/scorer in Adediran that will need to be somewhat contained. Maybe some more of Chris Wyatt?


Also will be interested to see how much we press after the success agains Northeastern.

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One thing about Reeder's second point about Jamar. I don't think it's the opposing guards that he's been getting offensive fouls against but the secondary defender coming over to help near the basket. He's getting by his guy but keeps going to the hoops and getting called for the foul on that contact. I suspect some of this has to do with the fact that as the primary ball handler the defense is set-up facing him. Two years ago when he was the off guard he could catch and drive before the defense could reset which is what Lou has done so well this year. I think that's why they'd like Lillis at the point when he fully recovers from his wrist injury.


So far this season Q has done the best job of recognizing Jamar's drive to the hoop and moving to an open area to get the pass for easy points. When Zoellner recognizes this he could have double digits every night. I'm sure with more playing time it'll come more naturally to him.

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This is obviously a big one tonight. I would like to see us get out to a big double-digit halftime lead and hold it the entire second half. For all the lickens we have taken over the years, now is the time to return the favors.


I don't want to say this is a must-win, but heading into a three-game road trip at two venues where we have never won before with a loss wouldn't be good.

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The Bing women have gone the same route as the men. They have a terrible record (1-10) but have played a pretty tough schedule. Their only real bad loss is to Cornell.


Bing men should be in the middle of the pack by the end of the season. As the Troy Record pointed out this morning we've taken some bad teams to the woodshed but haven't beaten a team ranked around or above us. BingU is ranked above the Danes, was picked to finish higher than the Danes in conference and haven't lost to them in conference play. A win tonight would be a big confidence boost.

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