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California dreamin

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At the Varsity Club meeting last night, when discussing the subjects of running trips to attractive away games and getting better seats at high-major away games, it was stated that the staff is working on a men's basketball California trip including a game at UCLA and a game in San Diego next season. If memory serves, Coach Brown has a relationship with UCLA Coach Ben Howland, the former Pitt coach.

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A trip to California would be awesome for next year. We might actually be able to give UCLA a tough game with the squad we have returning.


I understand the point of playing non-conference games against Big East teams, but I think we need to start scheduling some new teams in other conferences (Atlantic 10, other MAAC teams besides Siena and Conference USA).


Teams I would like to see us play in the next 2-4 years:

George Washington

La Salle

Rhode Island


St. Bonaventure



Seton Hall





Kent State


Holy Cross


Really there is no reason why a majority of those Atlantic 10, MAAC or MAC teams wouldn't do a home and home series with us.


I think we can plan on the Danes making a trip to Big Ten country to play Iowa when Wilson and Lillis are seniors.

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We haven't been able to play MAAC teams because their league guidelines won't let them schedule teams with an RPI much under 150. This may change next year since they went in the tank themselves. If our RPI got up to the low 100s it would be easier to get more attractive opponents, but then it's riskier for them as well.

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id like to see us play Buffalo. I think you could get somethign exciting out of that game. BATTLE of SUNY or play for the Chancellors Cup or SUNY CUP or something. Buffalo has had a good program, and could easily be a NCAA Team in the next 1-2 years. They are 12-5 right now and competing strong in the MAC.


Id love a Rutgers or Seton Hall Game, especially if Seton Hall game being played in the Medowlands.


Im sick of playing St. Francis, Army, Lehigh. I like to keep playing Wagner however. But yea we need to go out West. You got to expand recruiting. We cant stick around on the East Coast every year. Just one game is all i like. UCLA would be perfect. Its not a overwhelming Pac-10 team, but its a game i think we could compete with right now.

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Although I will be in the vast minority here, I actaully want to see more guarantee games.


I know, yes, they usually turn into losses.


But one of the major points of any Division I athletic program is money, and with UAlbany that is no exception. The more money that can be generated through guarantee games, in my opinion, the better.


The truth is, no one from the America East is likely to get an at-large bid any time soon. So, you make your mark in conference season. Your record heading into conference season may as well mean nothing at this level.


I understand balancing wins and losses on the players psyche's, etc., but as 84 said, it gets a little tired playing Army, etc. I would much rather see us go on the road to the Syracuse's, UConn's, etc. every year, make a little bit of money, and maybe get on regional TV in the process (as most of those super-big schools have 90% of their games on some sort of TV).


In my opinion, the money generated from a guarantee game, even in a losing effort, is much more important than a non-conference win over someone like Army. That is assuming you make more in a guarantee than you would make hosting a non-conference home game (which is debatable, but I think 9 times out of 10 it would be). The money will help us to upgrade facilities in all sports, including basketball, and the exposure of playing top teams can only help our players in terms of seeing the highest level of hoops.


UCLA would be a good start. I know that during the Beeten Era they went out to play his former school, Cal, and there is a somewhat sizeable alumni base I believe in that area of the country.

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With Northeastern leaving, that opens up to additional scheduling opportunities. I think other mid-majors would be good - they could probanly get home and home sereies with some of the MAAC schools or Buffalo.


Also, would be great for one significant trip every 4 years - preseason games in Canada (I think Maine did that this year), maybe a tournament in Florida or California.

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i tell you, if we can get a winning record season, i would try and see if Brown could get us into the Preseason NIT Tournament. I would think UA could get a signifigant crowed to come down to MSG or to where ever for that. But i feel we are along way from that.

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