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Well guys, looks like we got our wish! I emailed Charlie Voelker and my email and his response is below:


Hi Charlie,


There's a group of dozen or so students who go to all the men's

home games (last night against Hartford we were the roudy bunch in the

south endzone under the hoop) who are looking to start up a new version of

the old "Dane Pound." The suggestion being thrown around is the "RACC

Rowdies." We were wondering if the Athletic Department would be willing to

provide us with T-shirts saying our group on it or something of the sort.

At the very least I'm sure we could buy white under shirts and write it on

there, but we were hoping that this might be something that you guys might

be willing to help us out with. Feel free to email me back if you have any questions (as I know this is probably a pretty confusing email..lol) or might be interested. Thanks and GO DANES!!





We are in! You get the group together and we will buy the t-shirts plus

some pizza. I need you to get around 25 student to start and you have to be

there. We need you. Let me know.



WE NEED TO GET 25 STUDENTS!! I'll try to get some and if all the other students on this board can help, please do and let me know who you get!!

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I bought a Private Pound Shirt from the last group. You rowdies can raise some bucks for various props, like posters of the Oscar which we can wave at Coppenrath when he gets those questionable calls, or whatever. Some of the Dane Pound posters and Banners were quite clever. It's better than just saying YOU SUCK! Lets show off those 1300+ SAT scores.

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Charlie said it would take about a week or two to get "RACC Rowdies" t-shirts but that he will give us all prelim shirts and pizza about 15 min before tip-off at the SBU game on Wed if we get 25 of us there.




P.S. - I know I am becoming psycho about this (as my girlfriend has stated..lol) but I really think this is awesome! :)

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I Like the slogan. It could be used for Danes Basketball (To cover both genders) or for the whole Facilities Plan. There could be Other shirts with Danes Athletics followed by the slogan. I don't know if the slogan is copyrighted. Attorneys, any opinion on that?

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Well we did mention it on air I believe 3 times for everyone to come to the RACC to help with this...if everyone on this board meets in a certain area (say the PE Building at like 630 or something on Wednesday) maybe we could get the flag and tshirts and stuff....that way we can all sit together


Brian...does this work for you? Then we have time to just grab people too if we need to get up to the 25.

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From Charlie Voelker's side, he just wants us in the south endzone by around quarter til 7 or so. But we can meet earlier if we want. Also, I talked to the "Flagman" and he said he has the flag and will be using it at the game. I will keep on reminding him just to make sure he is there...lol. Thanks so much guys for plugging it. This is gonna be awesome!

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No problem Brian, Ive been busy recruiting other people....including some rowdy girls to be loud as well! Haha. So we shouldnt have a problem getting to 25...but we can always just bribe people with tshirts.


See you on wednesday for hopefully a better result than todays game (which was a pain to listen to since i think BU's casters are even more biased than craig and I...haha)

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Jordan, Matt, etc,...I was just checking to see if you guys had any estimation on how many people might be coming from your recruits tomorrow. I don't think we'll have any problem at all hitting 25, but I just wanted to get a rough number so I can past it onto Charlie..to make sure there's enough pizza for all of us! :P


Some faculty/staff are also planning on sitting with us and I've told some administrators about it, they really like it!


P.S. - I'm glad Groundhog's Day and the game are on the same day tomorrow..that way I can experience our whoopoing of SBU over and over again! :lol:

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