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Regarding the Student Attendance

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I know this is going to seem negative but for a school with 19,000 students its very disappointing to read that only 10 students attend the games. But here are some reasons why I think they don't attend.


1) Most of them go to Albany by default. Yes I would agree that maybe 50% of the kids wanted to go to Albany, but from the people I know, they go just to go to college. If you don't have pride in the school why are you going to go to a basketball game? 25% probably had it as its safety school, I know it was mine.

2)The athletes all live together at Freedom or Empire Commons, which usually houses juniors and seniors so they have already made up their minds. As a result, the bball players never get the chance to bond with the students and I have been told by fellow students that it comes across that the athletes are better than them since they avoid the lottery. Plus, when a bball player goes to his game, his roommate is usually on the court with him, rather than in the crowd cheering them on. Schools like Michigan, Ohio State, Florida can get away with this since kids are going to attend no matter what.

3)Most of the kids grew up rooting for other college teams, so they would rather sit home, drink beer and watch their favorite college team than watch a team that had five wins last year.

4)There's no incentive to go. I know there was that point system a few years ago, but I have no idea what you were getting points for. If lottery results were determined by event attendance, more kids would show up. Pizza and T-shirts can only go so far since they can go to the dining hall and eat for free too.

5)Schools like Vermont and UNH are in the middle of nowhere so the students there have no other choice but to go to the basketball games. Albany has nightlife and as a result people are going to take part in that.


Just a few thoughts...

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I agree with the post above. I think all of those reasons are valid.


Some portions of that post are debatable, and will (I'm sure) be debated here because this is an Albany-loving board. (For instance, the portion about how many actually chose Albany vs. using it as a fallback - I tend to agree, although some people may feel it's more like 90% chose, 10% fallback. It's all subjective but I tend to lean more towards the 70-30 range, something like that). Some people will not like that, but it's his opinion and I don't think it's that far off.


And I totally agree that since none (or a small portion) of these students grew up Albany fans, that is a huge part of it. How can I make that blanket claim? Look how many young people come to the games now ... very very few. Those are the students of tomorrow. I feel it's been like this for some time - attendance has never been "boffo", and you're seeing what that does now. If you're from the region, and you're a Syracuse fan, you're not going to turn into an Albany fan over the Orange. Witness the attendance for the Cuse game at the Pepsi ...


I've said before (and been chastised for saying it), that if you were to get just ONE PERCENT of undergrad students to the game, that is almost 130 students. Having about ten is just sad, sad, sad. I could find 10 students by accident at Uncommon Grounds or Dunkin' Donuts. The hard numbers are really depressing, and I think they are the biggest problem right now.


Here are some ideas:


1.) Attendance should be mandatory, at least for a certain number of games, for all out of season athletes. If you discount the track teams which are in-season, you could easily say there are 150 fall athletes and 150 spring athletes. Your conference games (end of season) should be STOCKED with 100 to 150 student-athletes from the fall teams. BOTTOM LINE. They're out of season, they're (presumably) not practicing (or, if they are, it's on a limited basis). Second semester you can forgive the spring athletes, but not before the winter break, so your early home schedule should be PACKED with 300 student-athletes.


THE FACT THAT THE STUDENT-ATHLETES DON'T SUPPORT ONE ANOTHER IS QUITE, QUITE TELLING. That is one of the biggest beefs I have with UAlbany, and I feel is one of the biggest areas of concern for the athletics deparment. However, I've seen a total lack of regard for this issue by the administration, in that everyone I've talked to says there is no formal initiative to make this happen.


If other student-athletes, who should "GET IT" don't go to the games, how can you expect Average Joe Student, who doesn't know the athletes, doesn't interact with them, doesn't live with them, etc., to go to the games???


1a.) One of the main reasons I personally believe this doesn't happen, is that basketball is the driving financial force in the department, and they are on full scholarship (as they should be). This could cause some resentment among the sports where that is not the case. The way to combat this is to make attendance at at least two home games per sport mandatory for each of the men's and women's basketball teams. That would be two field hockey, two men's soccer, two women's soccer, and the cross country home meet. I don't think that is too much to ask.


1b.) You reciprocate between the fall and spring sports. Same plan as above with hoops. 150 student-athletes at a lacrosse or baseball game would make the atmosphere 10 times better.


2.) Another idea to boost student attendance at hoops games would be to try to get a big-name game and hold it on campus to showcase the facility and atmosphere.

Now, the Syracuse deal was something like what, 4-for-1? And what did they do with the 1 home game? Took it downtown where the students had to pay to park and "make an effort". Big mistake.


If you can go possibly one notch below Syracuse, a borderline top 25 team that carries some name recognition, and maybe pull a 2-for-1, not only will you stock your schedule with a good RPI team in three straight years, but you can hold that 1 game on campus.


That alone would do wonders for student attendance - students are not going to get excited about Long Island, Dartmouth and the America East teams, with the possible exception of Vermont (which is unlikely to hold onto it's semi-national notoriety long after Coppenrath is gone).


3.) Once you get a contract signed for said big-name game, you announce it as far in advance as possible. For instance, if you can get a 2- or 3-for-1, with the UAlbany home game in the middle, you announce it one year in advance. Then, you tie student attendance at that year's games to getting tickets for the big-name game the following year. You use the points system for something that people will actually want to get. Tickets to a big-name game on campus. If students knew that by coming to games this year would lead to them getting tickets to a UAlbany-Cuse game at the RACC next year, your student attendance would (should) double, triple, or who knows ...


4.) Also, heavily promoting the Little Danes Club should be a top priority. The more kids who actually GROW UP as UAlbany fans, the better the student attendance will be. I would LOVE to see hundreds of kids there, however they can make it happen. If even 10% of those hundreds of kids turn into UAlbany fans, then in 10 years when they are older, bam you have 10 times as many fans as if you did nothing.


Those are all that spring to mind at this time, but none of those is difficult to achieve right now and I think most would be hard-pressed to argue against the methods.

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I definately agree with most of your post. However, I just thought id share some of mine to add to what you said.


First, I have seen many of the athletes at both the mens and womens bball games. Today at the womens game, I saw Buchanan and Goldman from vball and a couple of the track people. Ive seen the mens bball players at some of the games as well.


Attendance has been up...however most of the people that go sit on their butts and stare at the ceiling...they dont seem to care and go more to be social than anything. I find that yelling at the refs and harassing the opposing players is half the fun. Something must be done to get more "FANS" into the seats, and not just kids on their way out to the bar.


One positive thing I took out of the womens game today (besides the nice 64-58 win) was that they have been bringing in young girls bball teams from around the region, letting them play a scrimmage at halftime...and having a pizza party where they meet all of the players and get all of their autographs. I think this is a great decision by the Athletic Dept...and I hope to see it at mens games as well if possible to get more of a young fan base.

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I think you misread the post. There were approx 10 in one end. There weren't 10 total. I see many athlete's from other teams at the games and many more are working at the games. I think Charlie is doing a good job in getting new fans from the community. It's just not realistic to think the fans are going to be made in one season. Winning will bring in the fans and that has just started to happen. Have faith.

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DaneFan2k3 - Good Post.


I would like to comment on a couple of your points.


1.) Attendance should be mandatory, at least for a certain number of games, for all out of season athletes.....


The way to combat this is to make attendance at at least two home games per sport mandatory for each of the men's and women's basketball teams.....


4.) Also, heavily promoting the Little Danes Club should be a top priority. -DF2k3


#1 has been discussed several times and I for one think the Hoop Teams have been pretty much doing their part. I've seem them at Football, Soccer, Volleyball etc. this year. I do think that it's up to the coaching staff's and the administration to formalize the attendance of all athletes to the sport venues. The athletes should be told to bring a (non athlete) friend.


#4 the Little Danes club is something that is hardly ever mentioned. The school should really push the Little Danes club and announce those in attendance either on the PA or on the message board on the scoreboard.


AS WCDBNuss stated bring in as many local youth groups as possible and why not give them "T" shirts so in the Spring they can wear them out in the community like walking billboards.

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the point about housing with other students is kinda false also. i live on Dutch Quad, and every single day i see members or basketball, lacrosse, softball, tennis etc... eating with regular students. the Dutch Tower is used for Athletic and Greek Housing. Not all of them live on Freedom or Empire.


and when i go to eat, i see all the teams interacting with each other. I do notice that when it comes to guys and girls, its pretty much the girl team supports the guy team. (the mens lacrosse will go and support the womens lacrosse, and the womens lacrosse will go support the mens lacrosse)


the other night when i was at the RACC for the game, i clearly saw many Football, baseball and lacrosse players at the game.


another reason is what DK3 said about the type of sched they play. I understand however, if we start winning, then the sched will get better. The point is, people have no interest i St. Francis or Army coming to the RACC. However, i do know that when Vermont comes in, many have told me that they are going. They want to see Coppin-boy and the rest of the potential NBA recruits. If they could get a semi good big east team or a big namer to come to the RACC, people i think will show up.


Another problem is the timing of the games. Siena and Albany screwed each other by sched the game when they did. They sched right before Thanksgiving Break (last day of classes). If they reschedualed that for a another date, i guarantee, the attendence would have been double for both Universities. MYSELF, a diehard who wanted to go more then anything, couldnt, because i had to get to a flight to Atlanta. Sched almost all the non-conference games, which i can understand because they have to get them in, during christmas vacation, doesnt help. If i was here for that week, i would have drove to 'Cuse for that game.


like DK3 about the Little Danes club, thats key to a fan base. You have to get these kids who show up to love UAlbany, and want to come here when they get older. Im a monster University of Tennessee fan. I became a fan because of my dad, watching games with me, explaining stuff about the team, and even taking me to some. I grew up in LI, New York loving a team from Knoxville, Tennessee. When i was applying to college, I knew i could only really go to a SUNY school, and Albany was my first choice...however, i became very close to applying to UT just so i can say i applied to the school i loved growing up to. We need to get that mentality into the local kids and regular kids that show up to these games.

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It's just not realistic to think the fans are going to be made in one season. Winning will bring in the fans and that has just started to happen.


My point was, fans can be made in one season. The student-athletes.


There is no reason not to have a monster student-athlete section at one end of the court, and if there were an effort to mix in the student fans we already have coming .. now your group of 10 at one end turns into 160 at one end.


I really don't see why there is no formal policy on this. I know you can't really dictate what your student-athletes do on their own time, but again, it's telling that they won't do it on their own. It needs to be addressed, and if you can give them some sort of incentive to do it, it needs to be done. It's a ready-made 150 fans, or more.


If 100 of the approx. 150 off-season student-athletes went to the game, and each of them brought one non-student-athlete friend, that is 200 students in a student section, which we KNOW would sound loud in the RAAC.

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Definitely have seen athletes attend other sport team events - men and women bball players seen at every volleyball game I attended and a couple football games. Agree that attendance at other sport events be mandatory for two events per season for scholarship students.


Student attendance has been an issue at sport events as long as I can remember. The exception are the big promo homecoming events - big contests, big give-aways, etc. I believe if you want to bring the students in, you have to raise the stakes with some BBP-like promotions. For instance, for every home game, have one big incentive - plus some ongoing dorm competition with "prizes" for the best spirit or winners of some halftime competition.


Bottom line - kids in attendance LOVE seeing the students carry on - it is a BIG part of the fun. I'm sure it is already being done in some part, but give away FREE grade school bball teams and CYO hoop league "kid" passes for every home game (except maybe the BBG). Adults have to bring the kids and have to pay admission - they will buy concessions. The object here is to fill the seats - who cares if the first year or two you make so little on total admission - you have 2-3 K empty seats now. The object here is to build a fan base.


No doubt I see improvement - just need to continue to raise the bar. Lots of GREAT ideas being generated here - let's keep it going.

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Student-athletes do attend sporting events of other teams on a regular basis. I have seen them at BB, FB, SB, VB and Lacrosse. To require them to attend would be rediculous. Can you imagine trying to recruit an athlete and saying "by the way you must attend two games of the other 18 sports on campus". It is hard to believe that of the 12,000 undergrauates, some didn't enjoy sports in high school. !0% attendance at most events would be FANtastic. Some sports would be excited with 2-5%. Winners will increase the attendance at the RACC. Fill 75% with non-students, add 25% students for noise and excitement and the atmosphere will be great and unbeatable. BU had less than 1000 today for an overtime one-point game, so our attendance is not all that bad.

NOTE TO GREATDANES84: You should have applied to UT---you would probaly have been able to attend for less cost than UAlbany---- from the father of a UT grad.

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The real question is: why has it come to the point where you even have to bring up the point about requiring attendance?


Shouldn't they WANT to go to the basketball games and support their fellow student-athletes?


I think you reap what you sow, and if you had 200 student-athletes at a men's home game, you could have 200 student-athletes at a field hockey or soccer game, and that could make a real difference for some sports.


I think it's a valid question.

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Great, GREAT analysis. Those of us who could/did not listen to the game especially appreciate your view of things, particularly since you know the game inside out.


I also really appreciate your view of how well the Danes are progressing. We may finish at or above .500 for the season, but we have all the ingredients for a very successful season next year. In 2005-06 we will win the tight games a lot more frequently, like the game today.


Once again, thanks for all your incisive comments.

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First, I have seen many of the athletes at both the mens and womens bball games. Today at the womens game, I saw Buchanan and Goldman from vball and a couple of the track people. Ive seen the mens bball players at some of the games as well.


Not to nitpick, but that's 2 vball players on a team of 11 and a few track people on a team of around 60 people. I am not impressed with those numbers. I and I bet D2K3 would agree that you should see players from both soccer teams, fh players, baseball player, softball players and lacrosse players at every game. Its all about support.


Nuss you would expect your colleagues at WCDB to listen to your broadcasts and keep up to date on what's going on correct? So should the athletes at Albany.


the point about housing with other students is kinda false also. i live on Dutch Quad, and every single day i see members or basketball, lacrosse, softball, tennis etc... eating with regular students. the Dutch Tower is used for Athletic and Greek Housing. Not all of them live on Freedom or Empire.


and when i go to eat, i see all the teams interacting with each other.


yes, the housing point is false by like 10%. Dutch is what did you say... an athlete dorm? So I take it athletes live with athletes. That's not really promoting anything. Plus most of us know frat guys are $iena fans, so I doubt they are interacting with the athletes. Why does Albany have "athlete" dorms? It's not like its an NFL or NBA factory like UM or FSU. Let the frosh athletes live with regular students for a year and then they can do whatever they want. At least then they can make friends with the rest of the underclassmen.


You gave 2 different statements, the athletes eat with regular students and they interact with other teams when you go to eat. I would expect the athletes to eat with other kids in a dining hall. As far as team to team interaction goes, that doesn't help the cause. Athletes should support fellow athletes. The teams should interact with kids like you who walk to a game in -3 temperatures.


There should be a policy like in Remember the Titans where each athlete should have to talk with a different student each day.


25 students at a school of 19,000 is nothing.

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I agree with the passion in the post, but there's a lot of miss information and reasoning.


First off, I see the enrollment numbers for this school being thrown around like crazy on this board. So, simply because I enjoy a correctly informed citizenry (lol), our enrollment is not 17,000 or 19,000 or anything like that. It is about peaked at 16,500. And, as we have some AMAZING grad programs, undergrad enrollment is only 11,500 of the whole. But I still agree, 25 out of 11,500 is pretty freakin pathetic.


Second, the reason why athletes (mainly winter active ones whether through practice or games) are often housed together mainly in Freedom, Empire, and Dutch Tower are because those are the ONLY residence areas open during winter break. All other dorms completely shut down, NO EXCEPTIONS. The only way for the basketball team to live on campus to practice (and play) during the month off after the fall semester is to live in these areas. And they are around a lot, just as much as the regular students, on Freedom and Empire (where I am outside of work/classes) and I regularly see Hutch, Zo, B. Wilson, etc.


I know this all might sound attacking, but I really do actually agree with the reasoning and passion behind a lot of the posts desiring a lot of attendence. But we do have to remember that these athletes are students first. 99% of them aren't playing sports past here at UAlbany and have the responsiblity to themselves of having a produtive life here for their remaining career and life after UAlbany.

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I agree with most of what has been posted on this topic but please remember being a scholarship athlete has its rewards for sure but also comes with alot of responsibilities in season and out of season. Each specific sport is very time consuming with lifting, running, individual workouts and in season practices.


These athletes are in most cases here for an education and carry a full load which requires a good amount of time.


As athletes they should want to support their fellow athletes but some times it's a bit too much to expect them to be at too many events. They like all of us need some down time.


I do believe they should be spread out in the dorms but that probably causes problems during vacations and inter session. I do think that if they were spread out they would relate more with the general student body.


With all that said I don't know how much that would affect student turn out at the games.


"Build it and they will come!"


Build a winning program and they will come.


Let's get to 2,000 this year and to 3,000+ next year.


Let's get Siena to the RACC and our avg attendence will rise quickly much like Siena's did this year due to playing UA and Syracuse at home.

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Here we go again. D2k and DANEMAN...SHUT UP! Period. You guys bitch and moan like Old ladies and offer NO CONSTRUCTIVE ADVICE. Instead of whining to the fans that go, or ripping those trying to recruit more fans....GET OFF YOUR ASSES AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.


I, unlike the two of you who DIDNT PLAY, got recruited at big schools and little schools. There was, and still there are not, mandatory athlete attendance rules at any school I am aware of...DI, DII, DIII. Second...EVERY SCHOOL HAS AN ATHLETE HOUSING SECTION and an ATHLETE TRAINING TABLE (food)...DI, DII, DIII.


Enough of the griping. Why dont you recruit 25 people each...then come and bitch here.


BTW...last I looked...we have had conference affiliation for about 4 years....it takes time to build a DI atmosphere. BU could barely muster 900 yesterday...and they have been around forever.


Enough is enough w/ the two of you. I want to hear that you two are out there handing flyers out, talking to locals, to staff, etc. Then...you might have a point. Until that day....like we have all told you earlier...EITHER SUPPORT US...OR MOVE ON....dont rip those trying to help.




Your thanks are appreciated...though I think your post was for another thread. This team will be very good. If I wasnt in such a foul mood after the loss, I would have intro'd myself to Will's parents to tell them to thank him from my heart...for turning this around and making this team one the ENTIRE SCHOOL CAN BE PROUD OF...from both an athletic and academic standpoint. One of their friends waved me over...but I was too pissed off at the loss to talk.


Hopefully I will see them at the NU game.

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