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Lady Danes beat Bing 50-49

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I've been told that they are not supposed to be called the lady danes


How are we suppose to know if someone is talking about the Men or the Women Danes?


I really think this gender crap is a bit much!


You don't really want us to use the term for female dogs do you?


Please advise?


The (Female) Danes are actually tied for fourth as Maine beat New Hampshire.

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Just call 'em the Great Dane women the first mention, then Danes afterward.


What does Buffalo do, since they wouldn't call them Cows, and I don't want to think what a Lady Bull is supposed to be.



Maine beat New Hamphshire, so we're tied for fourth at 6-5.

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I'm not attempting to shoot the messenger I was just looking for a clarification.


I make the distinction before and during break for UAlbany Women's Basketball


When I'm posting on this site I will use Lady Danes not to slight the Ladies but to clarify who I am talking about. We have a Maine doubleheader coming up this weekend it's going to be tough to decipher which game we are posting about.


Posting on this board and you do the radio are two different situations.


We could also ask that Dane Pound make a special section for the (female) Danes. It may be called for under Title IX or in order for this board to be politically correct.


WCDBvoiceofUA - I'm only busting your chops. Keep up the good work but I will use Lady Danes and apologize in advance for not being politically correct.

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That issue has been addressed many times. Unfortunately old habits die hard. I myself never really like Lady Danes. I preferred UAlbany women. Maybe its because I grew up in CT and Im used to women's team being referred to as an example the UConn women.


P.S. That website is webmasters intellectual property and not of the stations. He can call them whatever he wants. The link to his site has been taken off of ours.

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I didn't mean for my first post to encite such a response. I thought it would be a useful piece of info. Im saying you should stop calling them that, but the Athletic Dept. doesnt use Lady Danes. If you want to call them that then by all means. I just prefer UAlbany women. The important thing is that we continue to support the ladies all the way to the tourney in Hartford. Today's win is important from a confidence stand point going into the game against Maine on saturday. We're gonna need the support as we try for our first win against the Black Bears. Im sick of it feeling like a Maine game at the RACC because you know their fans will be there. I can't stand them. We have to get loud!

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This is a pretty entertaing thread. I'm surprised to see that "Danettes" weren't mentioned.


Great win the the women who've won four of their last five. Still very much alive for the 3rd seed at the tourney and possibly the second if Hartford comes apart down the stretch.


BTW here's the game story from the Bing paper. Albany beats BU women with late shot-Press and Sun Bulletin

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I would like to say that I'll stop using the name "Lady Danes", although I kindof like it; but as you can all see, I am generally about 30 years behind the times and still sometimes refer to our alma mater as Albany State. I do realize that virtually all of you hate that name (and please, no one needs to remind me of the school in Georgia), but personally I like it and although I like our current uniforms (especially the road ones) I also liked when our uniforms just said "STATE". I generally root for Michigan State because I like that they are proud to refer to themselves as "State". Maybe this is because as a youngster I grew up reading the Chip Hilton series where "State" were always the good guys.


And finally, Dane 96, before you ask, NO, I do not root for NC State; even though their message board is called something like statefans.com.


By the Way, aren't the perrenial NCAA Women's contenders called the Lady Vols?

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