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Attendence per game

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I believe it was a couple weeks ago in a newspaper article that Charlie Voelker said he wanted to end the season averaging about 2,000 per game. Well, after 4,000+ at the BPG and then the 2,200+ yesterday, our average attendence is now 1,870 per game.


With Vermont coming into the RACC on Wednesday (probably about 3,500 or so) and then the final home game of the season coming on a Saturday versus UMBC (maybe 1,750-2,000), we will likely end up with an average of over 2,000 per game. Total attendence right now is 14,957, so we need 5,043 over the next two games (an average of 2,522 per game), which shouldn't be too tough with the Vermont game.


I think these are pretty good numbers, especially with AE power Boston hoping for just 1,000 each game. Charlie's comments seem to be right on and hopefully his 3,000 per game prediction for next year will become true.


A new beginning is here!

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Last year we averaged 1,193 and the conf. 1,594 vs. the NCAA D-I avg. of over 5,400. NCAA stats


With Bing having a full year in the new gym, BostonU opening Agganis w/ 5,700 yesterday, and UVM selling out the year, AEast should have its best attendance at least since the CAA-4 - as befits the highest conference ranking since then as well.

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you really think we can get 3,500 on wednesday for Vermont. Coppenwrath and these boys have been here before, and havent drawn attendence like that.

We haven't had a winning team before, and more UVM fans would have been here if they were still undefeated. We'll have to see if yesterday's loss knocked a few cats off the UVM bandwagon. The number of Vermont fans travelling here would be a lot of the difference between Saturday's 2200 and 3000+ on Wed. Here's hoping they already made their travel plans anyway, to go along with the advance sales at Albany to still get us over 3,000.

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I've heard pregame tix sales for the game are already comparable to the BPG's at 2,000+. UVM is better this year as we are A LOT better this year. Plus some Siena fans might wanna come out and see if the GOOD Capital District team can beat Vermont, as opposed to the 20+ point loss that our Loundonville neighbors suffered against them. Also, you'll have some CBA fans and family members coming out to see the frosh Duell play.


Finally, and correct me if I'm wrong, wasn't Coppenrath out with his injury when UVM came to play in the RACC last year?

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Amazingly, we only lost by five at home against the conference champions last season. We were without Jamar, started Courtney Johnson at guard and saw Knotts and Todd Martin as our lone reserves off the bench. My, we have come a long way haven't we???


We shouldn't be afraid of Vermont or be in awe of them. We simply need to take it to them from the tip. If we expect to contend for the title next season, this is really a game we should expect to win. Yes, they have two studs. But, our starting five and depth is better than theirs (as ridiculous as it may sound to some people). We just can't let TC and Sorrentine score 20 each. If we hold one of these guys under double figures, I really like our chances.

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I would be interested in taking those NCAA attendance figures and knocking off the teams that have 10,000-seat arenas filled to the brim every night then re-averaging it.


You can't lump Syracuse, North Carolina, UConn (at the Civic Center) and their 15,000-20,000 person crowds in with the UAlbany's of the world.


I bet if you take the top 30 schools attendance wise out of the figures, it falls to a manageable 4,000-ish range. We would be halfway home in that scenario.


Compare apples to apples. Ya know?

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