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Looking for a bounce back performance against UMBC on Saturday. Q and Wyatt play their last home games as seniors. Both should get great ovations. I am hoping for atleast 2,000.


We shouldn't take this team lightly as they are fighting for the #7 seed. They already beat us earlier in the season and post other impressive wins over Binghamton and at Maine. Their six-game losing streak should mean nothing to us.


Amazing that would almost had four players in double figures against Vermont and lost.

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2,000 maybe pushing it. I can tell you the RACC Rowdies will most likely not be there this weekend. Brian has to go to Rochester, and i have to go home to take care of things...its a long weekend and no classes on Monday and Tuesday...most of the students who attend (us RACC Rowdies) probably wont be around.

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Sounded like a poorly officiated game. Box score shows some good stuff:


1. Zoellner fouled out but appeared to play well when he was in. This is 2 consecutive games where he was pretty active. Only missed one shot - I think that was the dunk.

2. They're making perimeter shots. 7 for 14 from 3 point range.

3. Shot 52% from the field.

4. Wyatt stepped up and had a great game.


The bad news is that they gave up a lot of offensive rebounds again. THe same thing happened against Vermont. UMBC had 14 more shot attempts than Albany primarily because they got 19 offensive rebounds (Albany only had 7). They need to figure this out before they get into the tournament.

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Definitely, an ugly basketball game. Probably among one of the most poorly officiated of the season. Those refs had no control and were calling ridiculous fouls.


Nice to see the Danes put almost five players in double figures. Amazing to think that normal bench guys Wyatt and B. Wilson combined for nearly 30 points. Zoellner only had six but atleast his dunks were exciting.


Definitely concerned about UMBC's offensive rebounds. We need to go back to boxing out. I think our team doesn't do this very well because they feel they can get away with rebounding with their athleticism. This needs to change now.


We probably should have converted 5-7 more free throws to give us a 20-point victory.


With Binghamton's loss at Stony Brook, we have a full two-game lead on the Bearcats and basically clinched the #4 seed. The only way they can steal the four-seed and wear their home whites for the tourney is if we lose our last two and they win out. I would like to see them lose their senior day game against Boston U. so they have absolutely no momentum going into the tourney.

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Officials - Mansur, Mingle and Laubenstein were the worst. They called 4 Ts - 3 against UMBC and I'm still telling you they were terrible.


The players had no idea what was a foul and what wasn't.


The AE has to do something to improve the officiating.


The Danes were poor from the FT line and still won.


KUDOS to McCalla, Wyatt and "Q" for great efforts on senior night.

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Lucky for those refs the Rowdies were not there in full force yesterday because they would have been all over them.


Monroe earned a tech way before they called the first one on him. He and the official were going at and I don't know why he didn't give him one. Seemed like they tried to reestablish control by calling everything. Luckily for us we have the depth to combat that situation and still get the win. I think last year we would have finished that game with two players on the floor.

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