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Brown, McElroy to meet to discuss program

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Aren't these post-season meetings fairly routine? I'm not understanding why this is a news worthy event. I've defended Mark Singelais in the past, and even when he wrote that Sunday front page story several years ago which many felt reflected badly on our athletic program needlessly, but there's been a couple of things in the past week that left me scratching my head.


First, there was the story about Brown and Stony Brook. This story made no sense to me as it was totally devoid of any facts, excepted that Will Brown grew up in Suffolk County. The story never indicated Brown showing an interest in Stony Brook or vice versa. And even if such speculation, without factual background constitutes acceptable journalism, why do it on the eve of the tournament..


Then, in the Sunday article, he goes out of his way to state that Jamar left the court after the game was over and did not participate in the ritual handshake. What purpose does this serve? I will acknowledge that the reporter has a responsibility to report the fact, even if they put the hometown team in less than a positive light; but this fact had no significance to the game. And, Jamar was available for post game interviews, indicating that Binghamton's defense shut off his driving lanes, etc.


Lastly, today's seems to be trying to create a conflict where none apparantly exists.


Someone help me; what am I missing?

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Mark is looking to break that big story so he can finally leave the TU and go to a bigger market. He has a secret vendetta against the school and its success, so this was his chance to create a buzz when the team was doing better than expected.


Notice none of the other papers remarked about either incident.

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let remember, that this is still the Siena Newspaper. They may have more coverage of UA, but they trying to create problems when they dont exist. I guess these Siena boys are use to it, because they try to hide the problem when it does exist.

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Singelais is a joke. He probably gets all his scoop from these message boards anyway. 80 percent of the stuff he writes is negative. The way I look at it, any pub is good pub. The Times Union will never be the New York Post. They keep running a minor league operation.


I did think the piece Ettkin wrote on Sunday was decent.

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The real story is why Will wouldn't already have an extention. Basically, they should have agreed to something in principle and announced it prior to the tournament when UA went from 10th to 4th.


When you're recruiting, Mac knows that you have to be able to tell the kids you're going to be there in four years when they are seniors.


The fact that they are willing to let him enter the final year of his deal is a joke to me. If I was Will Brown, I would be looking to move on at this point. It would be extend me now or we're not talking about it this season and I'm leaving.


The biggest thing parents and players want to hear when you're in their living room is that you are going to be around to keep the other promises you're making. They read newspapers and I'm sure other coaches are negatively recruiting against us, saying Will doesn't have an extention because they haven't won a postseason game, so don't go there because he's looking to leave or they're looking to fire him.


I don't fault Singelais for writing this story. The underlying issue of why he isn't extended is why this story gets written. The meeting is routine; letting a coach who has totally rehabilitated a program go into the final year of a contract is not routine.

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I don't know why McElroy is being so stubborn about this. Could anyone else have done a better job this year???? I don't think so. Yes, we lost some tough games this year by less than five points. 10th to 4th is the real story here. Bringing in solid recruits, attendance is up and kids are doing well in school (atleast we aren't hearing anything in that area, so it must be good news).


Time to pony up > Three-year extension and $120,000 per year!!!! The three-year extension is fair considering if he leaves it would be for a better job in a higher conference. We need stability at UAlbany. Not another coach leaving!!!!

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