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Post your Final 4 for St. Louis

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Im going all out on this one:


Illinois, UConn, Syracuse and Louisville


Illinois def UConn in the National Championship.


What does everyone else have. Thoughts on what you think about picks and the tournament?

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My bracket is in deep trouble but I really don't mind. This has been a terrific tournament to watch so far. That Illinois comeback (or Arizona collapse) yesterday was amazing to watch. They really looked cooked with a couple of minutes to go.


My apologizes to Statefan but I have really found myself rooting against ACC teams this year even if I had them winning in my bracket. It may have been fatigue from all the hyping they got all year but I greatly enjoyed Duke's loss to Michigan State. The sooner those teams get knocked out is one less day I have to hear Vitale braying about "the best conference is America, baby. The ACC, oh yeah!" It's not just him, whoever was doing the Nova-UNC game was describing what Villanova had to do "against a vastly more talented team," as if Carolina was playing a team from the Patriot League or something.

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Syracuse fans over on The Orange Basketball Forum are always complaining about Dukie Vitale, Packer etc. - about eight of CBS's broadcasters are ACC alumni -, referee conspiracies against the Big East (the SU technical vs. UVM, the travel vs. Villanova), and don't forget those Krzyzewski AMEX commercials that are free recruiting ads for Duke too.


But if you go to that forum you also have to put up with what they think of Vermont, and the early-season Upstate NY Cupcake Tour.

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That's amazing. I can't believe that guy would leave during a game like that. Maybe more amazing that he'd admit to it later and take a public beating like that.


The ACC thing is funny because I found myself pulling for Maryland in the tourney a couple of years ago. Seems like the last few years there have been alot of people hyping the ACC to the point of irritation. Vitale's "analysis" can only come during games between ACC teams because he's just going to shill for the ACC in any other game.


The Orange fans aren't alone about the Villanova travel call. I don't remember if it was Allen or Foye but he was fouled. Should have been the basket and a chance to tie at the line. I don't know if it was a conspiracy or not but I thought they called the foul and then changed the call.

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Of course you were rooting for Maryland, remember who their first round opponent was. The funny thing is if you go on any ACC board, they all hate Duke (or as they refer to them "Dook"). Every board is currently running a string about cutting up and returning their American Express cards, and never buying DiGiorno pizza.


Here's another Friday poll suggestion: what commercial to you like/hate the most? Personally, I'm a big fan of "tiny house" - the marriage was built to last but the house was too small. I also like the Wuss, the Suck-up and the Mama's boy and Hootie singing for Burger King.

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My favorite is one of those music on demand services. It shows the women getting dressed to go out and picking between clothes while Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight" plays in the background and repeats the line "she's wonderin what clothes to wear" a bunch of times.

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The commercials aren't so great, but the hardest-working guy in commercials: the rookie mentored by David Spade for CapitalOne (what’s in your wallet ? Oh, a couple bucks, a bus token… Not YOU!) who rents a Cadillac from Enterprise for the Class of ’94 reunion (lookin’ good, Moose!) but is also the guy from accounts receivable who was so awful at the buffet the businesswoman’s husband had to surprise her with two more days at the Marriott.


I gotta get out of the house more.

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