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Looking over their roster, the Crimson are pretty deep in terms of bodies (15) and pretty tall (6 players at least 6'8"). However, I see that their starting center, 7 foot 255lb Brian Cusworth, hasn't played since breaking his left hand against CCSU on 12/3. While I didn't see anything more, I'm assuming it means that he also won't be in the line-up against us on Sat., considering it will only have been 2 weeks since the break. That leaves their tallest starter (and tallest player) at 6'8". Biggest producer so far has been 6'8" senior forward Matt Stehle with 15.7 ppg and a big 9.2 rpg.


Hopefully the guys will enjoy playing back home finally and put up a strong game.

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Harvard is two different teams with cusworth and without.  5-0 with wins over Sacred Heart and Holy Cross with Cusworth and 0-3 without.  If he doesnt play extremely winnable game, if he does it will be a battle.  Harvard was picked second in the IVY.



They just put up a 91-79 win over Long Island without Cusworth yesterday...but Stehle did blow up in the game with 27 pts and 11 boards. They do seem quite a bit weaker w/o their center though..hopefully they still haven't fully figured out how to play with him not in the line-up.

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Dane Pound,


First of all, belated Happy Birthday!


Second, once again, thanks for monitoring this board and providing excellent information with classy leadership. Dane fans are some of the best-informed fans in the America East, and we can come here and share our info and opinions without anyone descending to low-level posts. I hope you had a great celebration. You deserve it.


Third, I thank you for providing the Harvard articles. I do not recall any other opposing team at any other time providing so much cogent information as the coverage found in the two articles you posted. The information on both them and us seems accurate, and it appears that Harvard respects us considerably, at least on paper.


Thanks again for the services you provide.


And let's hope your celebration continues tomorrow afternoon!

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I like to think Albany just attracts a better element of fan than certain "other" schools.



Just to underscore your comment here, I would like to refer you and others to a thread found on another sports forum.


After the school in question had just defeated us by a narrow score in overtime (I wonder who that was?) and their fans proceeded to chew us up viciously, it was interesting how they became almost cannibalistic and turned on each other. In the particular thread to which I am alluding, a set of their younger fans began attacking the behavior of their older colleagues. Some of the older fans fought back tenaciously.


I could not believe what my eyes were reading, and I would not have brought this topic up if you had not mentioned something in a general way.

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I would agree that not too many students will be there tomorrow. I sent out an email to the Rowdies reminding them about it, but like '72 said, finals are officially over on Tuesday but most students have finished theirs up and have already headed home or are at least leaving this weekend.


Hopefully we can keep the attendence up over 2000 with our Danes hopefully pulling out a win on the home court. RPI and Pomeroy both rank us and harvard almost identical with Pomeroy listing us as 3 pts favorites, basically because of "homecourt advantage." Can't wait to see them in the RACC again.

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