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Post-game BU Stories

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Anyone have any idea at all about the total attendance at the Boston University game last night? I know that BU does not report attendance?


Anyone have any idea how many UAlbany fans were in attendance at the game last night?


Thanks also for the crowd estimates. Your report of total attendance, if accurate, is poor testimony to BU's support for their team at a very important game.

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Attendence was pretty small I guess. Hard to tell since it was the first time I'd been to the Roof, but I'd say maybe 600 or so? But I admit I could be quite a bit off. As for UAlbany fans, there was an Alumni Association event in Bosotn before the game so that helped. I'd say maybe 40 or so all together that I could tell?


For those who listened to the game on the radio, could you at all hear us cheering for the Danes? Mainly our defense chants when BU had the ball. My vocal cords right now hope somebody did..lol.

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For those who listened to the game on the radio, could you at all hear us cheering for the Danes? Mainly our defense chants when BU had the ball. My vocal cords right now hope somebody did..lol.





I did not listen to the game. I may be superstitious about that.


Thanks for supporting the Danes with your presence and your voice. I'll bet it was very much worth it.

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Beantown has a lot of other sports teams and events. BU is down in the pecking order, and of course the students aren't there. Last year the attendance was better because there was a raffle for BU hockey tickets for the playoffs used as a promotion to get the students to attend.

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Interesting to read the AE Board this morning. Vermont fans are looking past their game with Maine this weekend to the home game with us next week. Bing fans are looking for revenge and a shot at first on the 29th. Probably now after BU more than at the beginning of the season teams are circling the Albany game on their schedule.

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Like Old Dog 71, I am a bit superstitious about listening to the games on radio (actually on the internet since 980 doesn't come in well here in Western Mass) but watched teh ESPN streamer and did stay up late to watch the highlights on the late news. I could hear the UAlbany fans pretty well and actually thought that they outnumbered the BU fans. Great job GoDanesGo et al.!


Wil Brown told us to be patient; this team would come around. Seems he was not bluffing. From the last few games I saw at the RACC, it was very apparent that this is not the same team that lost to Sacred Heart, Siena, and Harvard. The defensive intensity has picked up considerably and, on offense, they are playing much, much smarter. With the depth on the team this year, I can't see why they won't sustain this success through the rest of the season (though I'm not expecting them to run through the AE without at least one loss). I'm amazed that Brent and Zo could sit out 13+ minutes in the first half and we would still stick with BU - a testimonial to that depth.


Finally, if there was any doubt about Wil's coaching ability, I think it has been dispelled. It just took some time for the players to understand their roles. Hopefully, McElroy will come up with a multi-year extension for Wil real soon.

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Three quick observations about UAlbany men's basketball this season:


(1) It was wonderful to see the headline about the BU game on the home page of the Times-Union this morning. I'm not talking home page of the sports section; I'm talking home page of the whole edition. What an aboutface for that newspaper. Not that I am complaining about past coverage. I think it is a testimony to the progress the whole program has made in the last few years.


(2) Yes, it was great that Brent and Zo could spend considerable time on the bench, and we still win. Just two short seasons ago, we finished a game with only four men on the floor. (Yeah, yeah, I've mentioned that before.)


(3) Not only have the players learned their roles, but I think Coach Brown has added to his repertoire of strategies. I think this season has been a slow learning process for him as well.


It's just wonderful that all these trends are coming together as the program advances into the second half of the season.

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This was found on a BU Blog



BU Hoops :: doggy-style :: 2006 = Year Of The Terrier ::


Friday, January 13, 2006

This is getting old


It pains me to say this, but we were simply outplayed by Albany last night. Sure, a few things did go our way. Our shots just weren't falling, but we didn't have many good looks from the outside anyway, thanks to a good perimeter defense by Albany. As for our inside game, I've never seen so many missed lay-ups. There aren't any excuses for this loss.


One thing is for sure, the youth of our team is really showing, especially when it comes down to the last 2 minutes. It seems our game completely falls apart every time towards the end. The final score was 53-47, but it was closer than a 6 point game leads you to believe. We took bad shots and we turned it over. Macon didn't seem like he was able to lead the team at the end of the game. When down bby 4 with 30 seconds left, we can't be taking 20 seconds to get a shot off. Those kinds of things can't happen at the end of the game.


But we made mistakes early in the game too. KG, Omari, Cob (still looking for a decent nickname for Ben), and eventually Gaffney got into foul trouble early. Wayyyyyy to early. How we ended up with the lead at half-time is beyond me, because it seemed like Albany was in control for most of the game.


I'm not quite sure how to get over this loss. Albany is a quality, and there is no doubt in my mind that they're the team to beat this year.


posted by the High Roller @ 12:25 PM

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