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Couldah, Shouldah, beat NH

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More field goals, rebounds, assists, blocks, steals and fewer turn-overs than UNH. The difference-- threes and frees(throws that is). If we shot the same free throw percentage as UNH we would have won by two. I don't think we will ever get home calls and we didn't today. If we did we would have won by more than two. I left disappointed with the loss but not by the effort and COMPOSURE of the team. They really played hard and took a physical beating WITHOUT LOSING COMPOSURE!! That may really down the road if, heaven forbid, we get this combination of refs again.

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Despite how I felt about the officiating yesterday I was glad to see Brown didn't mention it as a factor after the game. He seems to try and set a good example for his team although to be honest I wouldn't mind seeing him lose it with the officials on occasion.


What I found frustrating was watching this team get away from some of the things it was doing well earlier this year. Namely clamping down on defense, passing well and getting the ball inside. It seemed like something good happened nearly every time they passed inside but got away from it for long stretches. Zo and Brent were a combined 11/16 from the field for 25 pts and I thought they could have really punished UNH had they stayed with them more.


I'm sure the staff has it's reasons for not playing Siggers as much but I was impressed with him again yesterday. He played with a lot of energy and sensible agression. When he is in there with Jamar it seemed to put pressure on the defense to pay attention to two guys who can drive and score.

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I know it is only a two-game losing streak, but if I was coaching (which I am not), I would move Iati and Levine back to the starting lineup and bring Lou and Lillis off the bench. I think Iati's confidence is lost right now coming off the bench. I think we might get more scoring out of Levi these days than Lou. Yes, Lillis is a scrapper, but we need points right now. This squad should be averaging 70 points per game.

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I feel I can now post, some 22+hrs later.


The officiating had the entire place in an uproar. Janov got away with anything he wanted. I'm on the bench side and he was setting up mid post area. Wether he had the ball or was setting up for it, he would shove, push, hook and just overpower guys. When Levi or Brent tried to match him, they would immediately have a foul called. I miss Chris Wyatt. He would have fouled out quickly but Janov would have hit the floor at least 3 times. And its not that Levi can't match him in toughness its just a foul was called everytime he tried.


They at least called the Ronnie Lott type hit he had on Lillis on the breakaway intentional.


Those officials may have single handidly cost this team home court for the AE tourney and that is a shame.


How many hits did Jamar take and no calls, he went to the line 5 times. A joke.


Siggers needed more time. (I know the coach knows more, meaningless opinion, things happen at practice, etc.) Iati was a problem defensively against this team. They had at one time a point gaurd too fast for John, a 6'4" shooting gaurd and three guys 6'8". Nobody he can cover.


The team was head faking a lot of looks from three again. I'm sure they don't want to just launch threes but to many open looks passed up to shoot the same or worse shot later in the clock.


The positives.


Jamar continues to play well, only three TO's and if he had been getting any calls would have had 25+.


Lillis, six more steals. He has to find a way to do more offensively.


Zoellner looked good. Just missed the double double. Also had some slapped/ripped away. Needs to stay away from the foul line at all costs.


Levi had a great 30 second stretch. What a tip in that was in a clutch time.

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"Seems to me that Jamar tries to do too much...again. Let's use 5 guys. We will be more successful that way. "


I would agree that sometimes he tries to do to much, sometimes he has to. 21 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 TO's in 44 minutes. Yes he shot 8-21 but he was hit on a number of those, and 38% isn't terrible.


After the officiating there is plenty of blame to go around but not on Jamar Wilson.


"I think we might get more scoring out of Levi these days than Lou. Yes, Lillis is a scrapper, but we need points right now. This squad should be averaging 70 points per game."


It seems to depend on which one shows up. Jordan and Levine both have been great and both have dissappeared in games. Take a look at Jordans numbers from yesterday. 2 pts, 1 reb, 0 assist, 2 steals, and one TO in 26 minutes. If its offense my 2 cents would be Jason Siggers. In the end matchups will dictate a lot of minutes for these players.


As for Lillis, I still like him at the point, but as I mentioned earlier he has to at least consider looking at the basket once in a while.

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Didn't see or hear the game, but some thoughts:

1. The current lineup works when they are defending well. If they are not defending well, a lineup with Lillis, Lucius and Zo may not score a lot of points. If they cannot improve the defense, then I agree with moving Levi back to the 3 in place of Lu.

3. Free throws are huge to this team. When I checked the stats on the AE site last week, Jamar had made more free throws than anyone on the leaders list had attempted. The free throws make up for the occassional struggles with low post scoring and the absolute number of free throws that UA usually gets makes up for the challenges that Zo, Lu and Levi occassionally have from the line.

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We can disect the offense and/or the defense but the bottom line is when you're struggling 10 for 17 from the FT LIne doesn't get it done.


Especially when your opponents is shooting 18 of 21.


Good teams do the little things to win when struggling.


Whats up with 2 fouls in 18 minutes against UNH in the second half????

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