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Hoopville's try at AE post season awards


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Award Time


Here are Hoopville's picks for the postseason awards.


Player of the Year: Jamar Wilson, Albany

This one could have gone a couple of ways among our first-team members. While Kenny Adeleke was a double-double machine for Hartford, Wilson was second in the conference in scoring and was fourth in assists for the team that won the regular season crown. He was even second on his team in rebounding, and did it all playing a lot of minutes at a position he's arguably not best suited to (point guard).


Rookie of the Year: Mike Trimboli, Vermont

This one was easy. Trimboli won most of the conference rookie of the week honors, and for good reason. He made the Catamounts' offense go, leading the team in scoring and the conference in assists. More than that, when he went to the bench, the offense looked entirely different.


Coach of the Year: Bill Herrion, New Hampshire

We could easily have picked Al Walker (Binghamton) or Dennis Wolff (Boston University), but Herrion inherited a team whose personnel was not that of a contender at all and finished fifth in the conference at 8-8. He simply got the most out of his team, and has also helped energize the fan base for the future.


First Team All-America East

Kenny Adeleke, Sr. F, Hartford

Kevin Gardner, Sr. F, Boston University

Andre Heard, Sr. G, Binghamton

Blagoj Janev, Jr. F, New Hampshire

Jamar Wilson, Jr. G, Albany


Second Team All-America East

Aaron Cook, Sr. G, Hartford

Sebastian Hermenier, Sr. F, Binghamton

Martin Klimes, Jr. F, Vermont

Ernest Turner, Sr. G, Maine

John Zito, Sr. F, UMBC


Third Team All-America East

Jermaine Anderson, Jr. G, New Hampshire

Mike Gordon, So. G, Binghamton

Corey Hassan, Fr. G, Boston University

Mike Trimboli, Fr. G, Vermont

Shaun Wynn, Sr. G, Boston University


All-Rookie Team

Philip Tchekane Bofia, Maine

Paris Carter, Hartford

Jay Greene, UMBC

Corey Hassan, Boston University

Mike Trimboli, Vermont


Interesting opinion - only Jamar and nothing else for the Danes?????????


Bing 3 All Conference players

BU 3 All Conference players

Hartfrod 2 + an All Rookie

UNH 2 All Conference players + Coach of the Year

UVM 2 All Conference players including Rookie of the Year

Maine 1 All Conference player + an All Rookie

UMBC 1 All Conference + an All Rookie

Stony Brook "Shut Out" - is the only team with less representation then the "Great Danes"

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Pretty much agree with the list except I'd drop Wynn on the 3rd team for Brent. And I guess it's pretty much a toss-up for COY but I don't really give Walker any consideration for not winning the league and generally finishing where Bingo should have. Wolff?..ehh, I guess for consistancy? Herrion deserves the award as much as Brown did last year, pretty similar situations...and we all know how that went for Brown last year. So I'd still give the nod to Coach Brown there.

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Apparently Albany's depth resulting in Siggers, Jordan, Iati and Lillis splitting minutes at the other guard made it tough to put one of them with the eight other guards of the fifteen all-league selections. With Levi's minutes down, a third-team for Brent (10 ppg, 4.6 rbg) might be the only other chance for an award.

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As crazy as it sounds "K" should be on the third team. With him on the court we were extremely tough - without him we struggled.


His numbers aren't significant his impact was.


He did lead the league in FG% for conference play.



I happen to feel the same way, but realize it probably won't happen because it's tough to justify it if you don't follow the team very regularly. Because the same could probaby be said about Lillis... 2-6 w/o him and 16-4 w/ him. Oh well, the other teams can have all the All-AE players they want...we want the DANCE!!

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These awards have less meaning for me. I'm glad for and proud of Jamar.


That being said, remember when this team had two Rookies of the Year? Even though those were fun years for me, our record was not so hot.


I'll take First Place in the AE any day over a great number of post-season awards. I'd also be very pleased if we were the last team in our conference playing in March.

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These awards have less meaning for me. I'm glad for and proud of Jamar.


That being said, remember when this team had two Rookies of the Year? Even though those were fun years for me, our record was not so hot.


I'll take First Place in the AE any day over a great number of post-season awards. I'd also be very pleased if we were the last team in our conference playing in March. - olddog71


I'm with you 1000% olddog71.


Bruce Becker stated in the News last week that Coach Brown said something to the effect when he was hired he would work to get us to the top of the AE in three years - so what if it took 4 years. I like where we are now much better then where we were just a couple of years ago.


No more 4 on the floor, no more season long 40 minute players.


5 wins to 13 to 18 wins (and still playing) is reward enough for me.

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Maybe I'm reading too much into it but I'm wondering if having Adeleke on the center of the cover of the postseason guide isn't a hint about how the POY voting went. Maybe I'm wrong and the coaches haven't voted yet but I thought Herrion said he already did.


In any event while it would be a terrific individual honor I'm with Olddog and Patch. Award or not this season has been a lot more fun than the past six with hopefully more to come.

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Maybe I don't know this team well enough, but I wonder what kind of printed material goes up on the locker rooms before a game.


The fact that UAlbany receives only one award out of a dozen-and-a-half or so nominations may make this team feel angry and feel that one goal for the season has still not been met: respect from the rest of the league.


Yes, we were selected to take the league title, but I am not certain the league was really convinced we would end up where we did. Then again, just as someone else posted here on this topic, maybe it's a good thing that no more than one individual award was given to an Albany player.


A very deep bench limited the amount of time each other player besides Jamar actually played. It's too bad a general team award was not presented. How many different UAlbany players stepped up during the season and scored the highest number of points in any given game? I'll be wiling to wager that UAlbany scores the highest in this category. It's a great comfort to me that no team really knows the source of our points whenever we play them.

Edited by olddog71
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What it looking like to me is that we are going to get the shaft. jamar def. plaer of the year but i have a feeling he may have to share that with kenny. brent should be 2nd or 3rd team no doubt and i think we could sneak levi on 3rd to. how but we give less credit to stats and more credit to wins. how about the year bu was either first or second i think they got like 3 or 4 guys and one of the guys was jason gradulaski a senior who was bu's 6th man recived first team. so if we go fromt he past couple of years team that have done well have always had at least 2 or 3 guys make teams. if we have jamar as the only person making a team it will be a shame.

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Remember we have 3 new coaches in the AE and 2 coaches in their second year.






Stony Brook


2nd Year:







That changes the voting drastically - remember coaches can't vote for their own players. I expect some odd voting from this group.

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