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Jamar's blog

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(Jamar Wilson, 1:22 p.m. (Paris Time) – Friday, Aug. 18)


I just got off the Eiffel Tower and it was amazing. I have some of the coolest teammates. Training camp has been over for some time and we have been scrimmaging and doing clinics. Yesterday was our final scrimmage. We scrimmaged an all-star team from Paris. The rules are a little different over here; the referees call the games really tight and they lean more towards the French. But I still played well. People get really excited seeing Americans play (basketball), it’s almost like a different world.


The scenery is amazing. I have been taking pictures of everything. The cars over here are so small. Gas cost 148 per liter, which turns out to be 7-8 dollars a gallon. I am sending this e-mail from an Internet Cafe and it is taking me forever to type. The keyboards over here are different, it’s almost backwards. I am headed to the Chapel of Notre Dame. I will take pictures for everyone. GO GREAT DANES!



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Will Brown spends a week in Maine while his players go to Europe? That doesn't seem right. Of course after all the recruiting trips Coach Brown probably wouldn't want to get on another plane for a while anyway.


Sounds like Jamar is having an enriching experience in France. Great for him personally and a little more exposure basketball-wise. Looking towards next year it should be heartening for him to see the looks both Adleke and JJB from our conference have gotten from the NBA this past summer.

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(Jamar Wilson, 12:11 a.m. (Paris Time) – Sunday, Aug. 20)


Today (Aug. 19) was our first game. We played Bordeaux. It’s a Level B team out of France. Level B is the second-best level. They won the championship last year. Going into the game I was a little bit anxious. I had never played the foreign game. The lines were a little further out and everyone seems to carry the ball when they dribble (I will not have any problems with carrying the ball ... ha ha!).


I had so much fun. I didn't seem to have any problems getting wherever I wanted on the floor and making plays. I finished with about 16 points and four assists, in about 15 minutes. It’s pretty funny that I go to the smallest school (in terms of basketball credentials) on the team, but I am one of the most respected. I am being told to transfer to other schools, but I don't think they understand that the Great Danes have the biggest bite.


The other side to the great game was an ankle sprain that I have. It’s not that much of a deal but I am probably going to sit out tomorrow. I know Coach (Will Brown) would probably have a problem with me playing tomorrow (Sunday). It is not that bad of a sprain but I am not going to lose out or anything by playing. We have a big season coming up. I could use the nice sauna and whirlpool that we had at training camp right now.


We ate McDonald’s today and it was the best McDonald's I have ever had. The food was so fresh and the McDonald's looked futuristic. It was so clean. There were Mp3 players in the windows for people to enjoy, elevators, and televisions everywhere. The only thing that annoys me here is the small portions that they give you, and it’s everywhere. The cups are really small and a large-size meal is like a medium.


The team has the most amazing bus. There are two places to enter and exit from. You almost have to step up in your seat to sit down. We have a water fountain and tables for cards. Our bus driver has to take an hour brake after a certain amount of driving. We drove like two hours and he had to take an hour brake (haha).


Well I have to go get some treatment. I am missing the purple family back in the Capital Region. I will be home soon!



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