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Do you guys ever foresee UA building a new arena.  Take a look at the new arena just christened by Virginia.


John Paul Jones Arena


This place is awesomeSome more pics!!




I doubt they will be building anytime soon for basketball with the new football stadium coming soon.


Where would we put a facility that large?

I would like to still remain on campus and avoid an arrangement like the Pepsi.

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As much as I like to dream I doubt it, the most likely scenario will be improvements to the CU with a new score board (that shows pts and fouls), as well as increased chair backs and concessions. Maybe twenty to thirty years from now if we have a lot of success and an increase in alumni and student support then maybe we would build something like BU Agganis or Gonzaga's Kennel but that is just speculation. Also where could we build it on campus.

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It was just interesting information I came across. I don't think we could ever build something like this, after all Virginia is in the ACC we would have to jump a few rungs in order to even look at something like this. I'm just not a very big fan of the CUE especially after the crappy seats I had for Bucknell. Something like the Event Center at Bingo would be nice in say 5-10 years. You never know how this program will develop. So far it's been going pretty good. How many people do you guys thing we'll get on Friday? I'd venture to say 3000+

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We'll need a lot more success and sell outs to get a new building. Perhaps we'll just take over a larger venue already in the area, when we need to expand. If we do build another building, or expand the current one, I hope we do it right. The current one isn't even adequate for hosting an indoor track meet. HVCC's building is a better one than the SEFCU Arena.

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JPJ Arena seats about 15k and cost around 150mm...and it almost didnt get completed because the state had no funding.


If all goes well, the football stadium will be attached to the "CUE" with a concourse that will upgrade A) bathrooms and B) food concessions.


As for expansion, if and when we sell out constantly (A HUGE IF), I could see an expansion in 10-15 years. All you would need to do (and working in the construction field I have seen harder projects) is lift the roof. You could add 2-3k seats per side...EASILY. The joints supporting the structure at the concourse level along the walls can be joisted and held in place while new load bearing supports were put in place.


IT IS EXACTLY what they did at Gallagher-Iba.

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