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Adam Templeton

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6'5" high school forwards with questionable foot speed scare me when it comes to them making the jump to D1 hoops. Thankfully Coach Brown and his staff have proven by the likes of Wilson, Levine and Iati that they know the type of player that will be successful in the AE and don't have to count on me for input.

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Hoopmasters.com lists Albany as showing interest in Templeton.


Adam Templeton


Rapid City Journal


Current Competition Level: High School

Graduating Class: 2005

School: Central

Rapid City, SD


Height: 6-5 Weight: 195


Primary Position: Wing / Small Forward

Secondary Position: Wing / Shooting Guard



Points Per Game: 10.0

Assists Per Game: 5.0


Commitment Level: Uncommitted



Recruiting Information


Bowling Green





Northern Iowa

Southern Illinois

Western Carolina


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Thanks for the info Patch. He seems like a Lillis-type player which I find surprising. I kind of thought they might bring in a big guy and red-shirt him in 05. One thing for sure, being from South Dakota the weather around here shouldn't scare him off.

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Dane Pound


You are perfectly correct. I, like you - really enjoy following the recruits and figuring out what is going on.


Like Jon Iati, who I believe was Coach Brown's first signee after he was named permanent Head Coach.


Brown had originally stated size was a priority and when he signed 5'9" & 150lb Iati I thought it was a misprint. I figured 6'9" & 250lbs. But evidently Brown saw something he couldn't resist and took a tiny kid he thought would be a good player. I don't think we can question Brown's judgement too much when it comes to picking talent.


He recruited Jamar, Levi and now Iati thats' not to shabby. Martin has promise and Knotts potential. How he got "Q" and Johnson are beyond my thinking. Then the transfers.


I guess he knows what he's doing. When I say he, I actually mean he and his staff.

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"One thing for sure, being from South Dakota the weather around here shouldn't scare him off. "


No...but the big buildings and lack of antelope might!!!

Well, he can pretend the whitetails are antelope, and somebody from the shadows of Mount Rushmore is used to looking up(hill) to the tops of buildings.


Still it's early, and that's a wide spread in the talent level of the teams looking at him.

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Ol' bball sage and resident authority on the accepted practices of the lettering of uniforms:


Can you or any other posters clarify for me what it means when a college is listed as being interested in a player? Can I make the assumption from that they have actively begun the recruitment process ( or as active as they can be under the NCAA guidelines) and would offer a scholarship to that individual or does it merely mean that they are on that schools list of players to look at, which I would assume is a very large list.


Would love to get a "W" against Billings and Co.



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At the risk of trying your patience, how long a list might this be? Before you go beserk I realize you do not have a definitive aswer to this question. A ballpark number would be fine. If you could put the number at half dozen or greater than twenty or somewhere in-between it would help me conclude in my own clouded mind how much of an importance to put on these "lists".

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I think predominantly those recruiting services talk to the kid or his parents or coach to find out what schools have contacted him, and run with the list. I know that Insiders and their sites generally also list whether the player has been extended a scholarship and/or scheduled an official visit.


So I would think that even if a kid had been contacted by multiple schools, he might tell the recruiting person (or his family might) about the schools that he likes the most, even if there were more. For instance, some marginal kids probably get contacted by D-II schools and you don't see them on the list, 'cause the kid probably doesn't mention them. Also, the kid could have been contacted by somewhere he doesn't want to go, and doesn't list them on purpose.

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