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Live Chat?


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The link has this info.


Thank you for visiting ParaChat - the Internet's Original Java Chat Solution! If you are visiting this page in response to an "Expired License" message, please follow the instructions below that are relevant to you:


If You are the ParaChat Room Owner or Webmaster


Your ParaChat software has been disabled, or has not yet been activated, because your software license fee has not been paid. This may have occurred for one or more of the following reasons:


* you have selected to pay your license fee by PayPal, Check or Money Order, and we have not yet received your payment

* an inability to process the license fee that is due for your service

* we did not receive notice of your intent to renew your license

* we received a cancellation request that has taken effect, and you should remove the ParaChat room from your web page


To pay your license fee and reactivate your service, or to contact ParaChat Support, please log into your billing account.


If You are a Visitor to the ParaChat Room


The ParaChat software on the web site you are visiting does not permit access because service has expired, or has not yet been activated. In order for the ParaChat room to permit access, the owner of the web site would need to activate their ParaChat service. Our suggestion is to contact the owner or webmaster of the web site your are visiting to request that they activate their ParaChat service immediately.


Most web sites offer a web page that contains specific contact information. Consider browsing to the contact information of the web site that you are visiting for specific contact information for the owner or webmaster. If no contact information is found on the web site itself, you may consider these alternatives:


* You may generally use an email address of 'webmaster@domain.com', where "domain.com" is the name of the web site that you are visiting. For example, if you visit a site called http://www.webpage.com that utilizes a ParaChat service, then you would contact the webmaster of that web site by sending email to "webmaster@webpage.com".


* Look up the WhoIs record for the web site you are visiting to determine the domain name owner. For example, visit Dotster and click the "WhoIs Search" link at the top of the web page. Enter the domain name in the field provided, and press the "Lookup" button. Contact information for the domain owner will display, which may include a contact email address.

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