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Who Will Transfer???????????

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With Wilson, Zollner, and Jordan sitting out and four signees do you think anybody will transfer???


Knotts is too lazy to transfer. Todd Martin should transfer. He will never ever play!!! If he can't play with seven guy's in uniform he'll never play!!! I am sure he's a good kid but he'll never get any run in the future.

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Wyatt - won't transfer as he'll be a senior


St. Hillaire - same as Wyatt


Johnson - More likely to transfer. He may be able to get a scholarship to St. Rose or a school in their conference. Not sure if would get a scholarship to another D1 school. He will have the biggest adjustment next year as Jordan, Wilson, Iati and Lillis get big minutes.


Levine - don't think he'll transfer, but he will probably see a considerable reduction in minutes UA will probably run a lot of three guard sets, Lillis will also play some 3; also with Dyson and Brent WIison rotating at the 4, there won't be a lot of time at the 4 (or 5 for that matter with Zoellner) for St. Hillaire so St. Hillaire will get some time at the 3 as well.


Iati - won't transfer, but I think he'll be coming off the bench. Although some of us believe that he is a point guard, I think he is a 2 that happens to be 5'9". UA will not have a true point guard. The closest will be Jamar who played the point in HS. I think that Jamar will run the point with Jordan at the 2, Iati will run in three guard sets and to spell the starters. Iati will average 15 minutes per game (barring injuries to Wilson, Jordan or Lillis - don't know much about Bauman).


Knotts - Probably should transfer. He will not get any time next year


Martin - Maybe go back to CA? Would like to see him stay. If he develops some footwork he would be a good role player in his junior year.

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Professor why are you so obssesed with people transferring? The Scott Beeten days are hopefully over. Let's just have a full roster for once and then worry about if people are unhappy with diminished minutes. Guys are going to have a lot easier time accepting less minutes if we get some W's next year.

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Dane Pound


You are absolutely right. But......


guys are going to have to understand that they must compete for minutes.


Everyone who is recruited DI thinks that they are GOOD that's why they were good HS players. When they get on campus it's a shock to find out how many good players there are in this world, then the decision is their's.


If people transfer out of a program it shouldn't be construed as a negative. Sometimes athletes want/need to play and opt out for another chance. This is good for them and most likely good for the program.


When good players who are getting minutes transfer out that is when you may have problems in the program.


Let's hope that all goes well for the Danes in the coming years and both the players and coaches make sound decisions.

Edited by Patch
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Your way off on Iati! 15mpg next year?? The kid is going to be the ROY in the AE! Other coaches in the AE rave about him! Kid is averaging almost 15ppg and he is a marked man!


Don't be surprised to see a starting line-up of Iati, Wilson, Jordan, Dyson, and Zollner! That would be my guess!


Bench = Levine, Lillis, Bauman, St. Hillaire, B. Wilson, and Wyatt


That leaves out Knotts, Johnson, and Martin.

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Prof, you kill me, you can be such a knowledgably poster. Occasionally you say the dumbest things. First at the mid major level it’s very difficult to get big kids ready to play. They are somewhat “unpolished” lets face it if they weren’t they be playing at a higher level. What makes you so sure Martin won’t get bigger and stronger in the off season, after all he’s just a freshmen, what is he 18, 19 years old? And if Albany wants to have a successful program you need some kids to be role players. When you have injuries or academic casualties (as all teams do) you want legitimate D1 players


Last Martin is A LEGIT D1 player I hope he works hard improves his game and makes you eat your words. Don’t be so hard on the kids and enjoy your team. After all they are just kids trying as hard as they can

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Siena Tony


I believe it was posted here either preseason or early in the season that Todd is on a special diet - no red meats etc.


If that's the case he has to make a few decisions because he must bulk up (and I mean legally) and add about 15 good pounds.


The kid can run and jump and has some solid skills and alot of room and potential to improve. His confidence is low but if he chooses to stay at UA and works hard there is no reason why he can't have a good future at Albany.

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Talking about Iati.....


Please dont tell me he is better than Wilson or Jordan. - scottotile


Jamar and Jordan are head and shoulders better than anyone on this year's team and any other recruit we have coming in.


I personally think that next year Jamar will play the 2 and Jordan the 3 and defenses will have a hard time keeping them from creating shots.


Iati will in my opinion start the season running the point, he will transport the ball and get it to Jamar, Jordan and Levi then wait for them to kick out to him for open shots which he will do an excellent job knocking down.


I would expect to see alot of guys play probably (9 or 10) with most guys getting 10 -25 minutes with Jamar and Lucious getting more.


Iati's shot attempts will be drastically reduced and his percentage will drastically increase.


When the Danes want to go big Jamar may play the point and some one like Dyson may be inserted for Iati and you exchange 5'9" for 6'9".


After the first 5 or 6 games who ever is playing well will get more time and those that don't will lose time. Only then will we be able to truly judge Iati. He was never brought in to be the primary scorer.


To me this year has been an abberation with only 5 scholarship players and 2 albeit very solid walkons and no starter over 6'6".

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You like to make personal attacks on me based on my opinion of basketball, it should be you that doesnt post. I just say what I think about the team and you get all offended about it. I am free to say what I please about this team, in this forum. I dont call you names and swear(like you did). If you are such an expert about basketball, why dont you go and coach? There are so many things going on in the world so much more important than basketball, there is no need to get so angry. Grow up and act like a man dude!


Try to remember that we are all rooting for the Danes to win and we are on the same side.

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scottotile ... are you a disgruntled ex of young iati from back in PA? ... or are you back on campus in loudonville? ...

He forces way too many, and then sulks when they dont go in ... .is the "professor" Jon Iati's father or something because he is the only guy who thinks he is so great ... and how about getting him a pair of shorts and not those pants that go down to his ankles.

considering the circumstances ... the rookie is doing just fine ... he will have a clearly defined role next season ... be fully rehabilitated from surgery ... he'll be impressive as part of the 04-05 roster ...

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News flash for all you morons: IATI IS NOT THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST!

He's not "a marked man" and it seems none of you can take opinions that differ from your own. If he is so good why isnt he playing at a higher level than UA?


Come talk to me at the game Wed night if you have any further questions. I wont be hard to find among the few who go to the games to watch Iati shoot us into a loss. I will be the guy yelling "Stop shooting it everytime!" Hahaha. There, that will piss you off!!! You take this way tooooooo seriously. Hahaha!

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I respect your right to an opinion but now I think you're the one going off the deep end.


News flash for all you morons: IATI IS NOT THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST! - scottotile


Do what you think is proper. You have every right to express yourself.


There, that will piss you off!!! You take this way tooooooo seriously. Hahaha! - scottotile


But I think you are the one who is getting too carried away and taking things to seriously - with your anti Iati sentiment.

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