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UA Hosting the AE Basketball Championships in 2009!!!

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Guys...there will not be renovations. Where do you think the $$$ are coming from. We would have announced and done them already.


The Arena is out of possession from sometime in early July, maybe even sooner, until the Giants leave. They bring their ENTIRE LOCKER ROOM and TRAINING FACILITY up here. It is a massive feat.


I know I've asked this question a few times, but why can't we get one of these companies that are a part of NANO to pony up a couple mil a piece for athletic upgrades? or any upgrades for that matter?

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They're putting millions into NANO, which is what they are interested in.


Deal is the school needs money for everything at this point and only NANO is getting the money. Maybe it's time to just pack it in as a comprehensive state university and become a specialized tech college if NANO is all that matters and all that SUNY, the locals, and the press want to care about.


August 13, 2006: the beginning of the end for UAlbany :(

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Nano companies put monwy into Nano. NSF puts money into science, NIH puts money into health, Cancer Society puts money into Cancer. It's what they do, and soes not mean UA is not funded comprehensively. Didn't we just get funding for the Business Building? You're pessimism continues to amaze.

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Most of what has come out of the UAlbany pipeline lately has been pessimistic. How easy is it to be optimistic when your own university organization dismisses you as an afterthought and your community treats you like garbage and doesn't realize that it'd up the creek without you? Answer: not really easy.


Maybe SUNY needs only three university centers...:(

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