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Men's Basketball - Academics

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It was really great to see how well the men's basketball team did academically this last semester.

3.50 - 4.00

Billy Allen

Brian Connelly

Josh Martin

3.00 - 3.49

Tim Ambrose

Jimmie Covington

Pete Gaffney

Brett Gifford

Jon Iati

Brian Lillis

Al Turley


The student athletes as a whole at UA have both a higher GPA and graduation rate than the general student body.


Tanika Thrower was listed as one of the Seniors, so I guess she's not coming back next year.

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If anyone is interested, NCAA progress reports were made public today....here is the link.


Apparently, no matter what I try it won't link....if you are interested, go to ncaa.org and in the search field (upper right hand corner) type in APR it's the first link that comes up.

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Link worked OK for me. I just wish I could find an explanation of what it all means. I take it a high APR and high percentiles are good, I saw you can get penalized if it's under 925 and you lose an unqualifying player. Only football and x-country are under 930, and it looks like only men's XC and golf are low percentiles within their sports.


We're listed under 'U' for University at Albany, Stony and Bing are both under 'S' - Stony Brook University and State University of NY at Bing. Buffalo is also 'U' - "University at Buffalo, the State University of New"

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Typical misleading story by the TU neither team was penalized with $iena at 921 and UA at 949


Very poor wording especially from a UA perspective - "UAlbany, Siena avoid academic penalties"


From the NCAA


Immediate penalties.


Known also as contemporaneous penalties, these are the most immediate penalties in the academic-reform structure. They occur when a team with an APR score below 925 loses a student-athlete who would not have been academically eligible had he or she returned (an "0-for-2" student-athlete). An immediate penalty means that the team cannot re-award that grant-in-aid to another player. In effect, a team's financial aid limit is reduced by the amount of countable aid awarded to the student-athlete who did not earn eligibility and was not retained. This penalty is not automatically applied when teams fall below the APR cut point; it is applied only when teams below that line do not retain an academically ineligible player.There are exceptions available.

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I agree....very poorly written. If a perfect score is 1000 and UA came in at 949, why is this presented as such a doom and gloom score. They way I read it is another 50 points would get you to a perfect score then 25 points above the 925 line has to be a good/decent score. The TU presents it like OH MY GOD....the two are teetering on the ledge threatening to fall off. Perhaps Siena is, but don't lump us in with them.

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