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Construction Updates


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is the construction going onto the soccer field? Isn't that area that big hill from the lacrosse field to the gates onto the soccer field?

No, it just takes up that corner near the bubble and doesn't get very close to the soccer playing surface

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Thanks for the photos. The university is receiving a very needed boost to athletic facilities and landscaping generally. Have the great dane mascot statues been placed at the entry plaza? Can you post a photo? Thanks in advance.

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I finally came across the main site for construction projects: Facilities

Entrance plaza construction now scheduled completion in July; second phase of the Purple Path will work up towards the pond, probably next year; the lacrosse field project includes drainage improvements, and a 'field ramp' whatever that is, but that might be the unknown extra construction; the business building may not begin construction until 2010-11.


Perimeter road will be blocked off until August 15 between Colonial Quad and the Podium for road realignment and crosswalk improvements to Empire Commons; the road will detour around the Colonial Lot. Good timing to finish just before the Giants leave.

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I have heard they wanted to get that crosswalk area near Empire dealt with.


I have a feeling that extra construction Alum is that field ramp. However I am trying to picture what it would look like.

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Two ticket booths have been delivered, are stored between Indian Quad and JFF. Steel boxes, each with two ticket windows, a door in the back, painted purple with a gold stripe around the top. Look like they could have been made from old dumpsters.


Otherwise, still more digging.

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updates are great UAalum...I will be on campus hopefully in the end of August to help move my brother in to Indian, so I will get a chance to see it.

Perfect. It should be done by then; take a camera to the penthouse to get the aerial view of the complex.

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At the entrance plaza, the chain link fences are down and they're tilling the dirt (soon to plant shrubberies?)


The previously mentioned JFF ticket booths


Gravel being put down between the posts, under where the new seating will be


The ground between JFF and the parking lot has been regraded, so maybe it was just drainage - or, as a friend of mine in admissions told me, it was all just to install toilets



Also, the rented bleachers were removed at the beginning of June, and the gravel between FH and JFF has been removed and the ground rolled, so maybe that will be paved.

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The Entry Plaza looks like it's finished; I emailed the architect about the Great Danes and he replied "There are no plans to install the statues at this time". Maybe they need more money for a half-ton of bronze, and a security system to keep someone from stealing them in the night.




Nothing photogenic at John Fallon Field, but there's a lot of pipe, conduit, and ducting around the dirt piles


As I thought earlier, they've put asphalt between the hockey and lacrosse fields



and on the path leading from the RACC to field hockey


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