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OK...before everyone jumps on me for my headline...think about. UA has beaten very good teams, won conference titles, and our football team is fantastic. Even the NCAA tournament (LAX) cant match this one. Baseball is a very tough sport for Northern teams. It is even tougher early in the season, as most AE teams are coming in cold (no pun intended) to play powerhouse teams from better conferences.


Behind Nick Murphy's strong outing, UA outlasted Missouri, 5-3 in the Coast Carolina Beach tourney. UA is now 3-0, beating Rider, Evansville, and Mizzou. They face host Coastal (34th ranked team in US) at 4. Mizzou is not only a strong Big 12 team, they were ranked 43rd in the land as of game time. UA has homered in every game so far. The Tigers made the post season last year, losing to NO. 16 Miss State, after winning a regional game. They finished 36-22.


BIG WIN for the AE (coupled with Stony Brook) as the AE has now beaten the MVC, MAAC, BIG 12, and the Southern Conference. Not a bad start to the OOC year for the AE!

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to me, if we can defeat the Big South Champions in Coastal Carolina, i'm expecting ibg things this year. We can challegne Vermont and Maine in this conference...and give Niagra and Marist some problems when we play them also. UNC Ashville is a team we can def beat, so if we can get past C. Carolina, this team has a great chance to start the season 7-0.

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Dane 96 -


I agree that this is a big win for the UAlbany athletic program. And when I say athletic program, I mean's the school's entire athletic program. However, the way you posted this on our board and the AE board, might have been a little over-zealous. I would have rather enjoyed just seeing you just post it here and witnessed another AE poster giving us credit for the victory. Instead, it appeared like another Albany poster tooting our horn on the AE board. I enjoy UAlbany athletics, just like any of our loyal posters. However, my point is, I do have to agree with some of the non-Albany posters that state we sometimes get too carried away when our teams doing something well. Basically, we do some excessive hyping or bragging. Your baseball posting on the AE board is a prime example of this, which you basically submitted the same posts for each. The subject of the post was made in all caps, like we had just won the national title or something.


When good things happen like this, I would hope maybe you would delay your reaction a little next time, in hope that somebody outside the UAlbany community of fans would notice first. I might sound way off in this post, but your exclamations basically shed the light for me on what some of our anti-Albany friends at other schools are seeing as well -- Albany fans basically acting like they have never won a game before.

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Let me say it again. BITE ME. You don't know jack $iena about myself or any other poster. Keep your posts to your opinion of your own making (ie. UA played good or bad, recruit sucks etc.)


WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO SAY I WAS OVERZEALOUS. I came to UA w/ the intent on playing three sports. When I went to baseball, I realized my HIGH SCHOOL (can you deal w/ the caps) would destroy this school. Point in fact, UA played JOHN JAY who preceded to no-hit the DANES. The pitcher...a guy who pitched 5, yes 5, games in TOTAL for my high school. POINT-UA HAS AN AWFUL BASEBALL TRADITION.


As a second point, not one fan, other than MAINE JEFF, would have posted on this game. THE AE board is a basketball board, period. THey bitch when we post lax scores. THIS WAS A HUGE and I MEAN HUGE win for both UA and the AE. MAINE JEFF knows it, as do others that follow the sport (not baseball, but COLLEGE BASEBALL).


MIZZOU was picked to finish 9th last year (and again this year) but finished 4th (this year in 2nd). They played very tough teams and beat them already. THIS IS A) the biggest name school we have beaten B) the biggest OOC win C) the biggest CONFERENCE we have taken down D) hands down the toughest sport to come out of the gate to take a victory in, considering NORTHERN schools are usually 2-4 weeks behind.


SO again, before you spout off with directions...know the facts. I dont see anyone else bitching, so keep yours to yourself...unless of course you have a problem tooting a very important victory, if not the most important considering at this time last year MUELLER's job was in jeapordy.


I can't even believe you had the nuts to post what you did. I have never tooted UA's horn on the AE board. I have ripped other schools, but have never said anything close to what I posted today. Reason? CAUSE I KNOW WHAT AN IMPT VICTORY IS.


Jesus, you sound like a Siena fan.


And before you respond...dont bother, as I have nothing further to say on this issue.

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UA ALUMN---I was listening to the game (found a link on the web). Emmerthal had a tough game, which is painful considering he is our NO. 1. I thought if he was on, we would take this game. Proud of the guys though, they fought back, but in the end, Emmerthal just had a tough one. Still, to start the year 3-1 is impressive. I would predict at least one down in Carolina next week, maybe two. NYTECH always fields good teams, but I think we take 3 out of 4, same with w/ St. Peters. Holy Cross should be a win, and you never know what you are going to get with a Hofstra squad (they seem to be in a downcycle).


An 11-6 start would not be out of the question! Last year, we were 5-12.

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