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I really don't understand the TU


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A bit OT, and not a huge deal, but it baffles me a bit:


Headline on www.timesunion.com




RPI football team gets playoff birth.

I say to myself: oh really, that's great! An NCAA bid for RPI!



Then I read the article and it says:


The RPI football team will play Alfred in the Eastern College Athletic Conference North Atlantic Championship Game, the final game at '86 Field, Saturday at noon.


The ECAC games are a consolation prize for teams that were not selected to play in the Division III NCAA Tournament.



What the? I'm I crazy?

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It's not just the TU. Yesterday, I happened to be in the car and was listening to a show on WTMM, the Albany ESPN affiliate, hosted by Anthony Mormino (the guy who used to be Rodger Wyland's horse racing expert, before Wyland changed over to a TU guy and a guy in a Gator costume) and Mormino said congratualtions to Coach Ford for going undefeated and winning the Patriot League title for the second straight year.

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congratulations for not making the division III ncaa tournament playoffs, and making into a division III consolation game.

great choice of cover stories. must be an upstate thing.


DF, another opportunity again to say, UAlbany will continue to kick ass, continue to grow, continue to expand, continue winning conference championships, continue making more and more DIVISION I NCAA tournaments, and will acquire funding for a football stadium... UAlbany will continue doing ALL of this without much support from this region... The region is a dud. The region includes the tu. At least in terms of collegiate athletic support.


After all, division I ncaa athletics is the top collegiates in the country... Of the numerous colleges and the one University in the Albany area, only one dominates over the others....


UAlbany / University of Albany / University at Albany / SUNY Albany

However you want to say it, UAlbany has begun crushing all others.



2008 Head to Head Competition, 1 on 1 TOTALS: UAlbany 9 Siena 1


UAlbany 18 Siena 8 - Women's Lacrosse: March 3, 2008

UAlbany 3 Siena 2 - Women's Softball: March 27, 2008

UAlbany 2 Siena 1 - Women's Softball: March 27, 2008

UAlbany 13 Siena 6 - Men's Lacrosse: April 2, 2008

UAlbany 6 Siena 1 - Women's Tennis: April 16, 2008

UAlbany 7 Siena 3 - Women's Softball: April 29, 2008

Siena 4 UAlbany 0 – Women’s Soccer: Sept 7, 2008


UAlbany 3 Siena 0 – Men’s Soccer: Sept 21, 2008

UAlbany 5 Siena 0 – Field Hockey: October 7, 2008

UAlbany 3 Siena 0 – Volleyball: October 15, 2008

UAlbany Siena – Men’s Basketball: December 6, 2008



Capital Region Collegiate Coverage and Support - it is what it is.

That's why we take care of our own.... Go Danes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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UA is going about the stadium and the TU coverage the wrong way.


We have to get the TU to sponsor the stadium, just as it does the Siena men's basketball team.


In that way, we kill two birds with one stone. We get more funding for the future stadium, and better coverage for the team.

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Alls I know is from what I've witnessed this decade so far, is that UAlbany went from being non-existent, to being a contender in all sports in America East/NEC competition ...... all facts point to continued growth, bigger success... Someone has been responsible for leading this charge from UAlbany athletics.


It's not their fault that nys gov't operates like a donkey... and that the biggest state university system in the nation is the most inefficient and mismanaged system as well... Now, the fact that the stadium funding is going to be very difficult to get from the state, could not have been predicted..... this is probably the biggest slap in the face to a University's success / one that would have never happened in most other states.


Now that that realization has crept its ugly head into the mix, it is the time where men will seperate themselves from the boys... We'll see who has the balls and ability to make this happen. This is the stadium crossroads.


What better time than after the 2nd consecutive undefeated championship season, and talk over a CAA shakeup, for someone to make this stadium happen NOW!

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All local media outlets should be stepping up to the plate... much more than they do.

This region could be a Collegiate Athletics hotshot, comparable to the best in the nation.

But, it lacks the support, especially from the only newspaper based out of Albany.


It's unfortunate that they prefer focusing their attention on D3 sports and high school cross country..


I don't want to touch the idea of sponsorship from the TU.... I'll leave it to you guys.

The bigger, the more aggressive, and the much more immediate solutions are the ones I favor.


Enough of my ramblings...

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In McElroy...someone trusts.


I trust.

After I hit the megamillions tonight I'll donate for the stadium.


Fall sports had a great year!


Winter sports are only going to be better.


I hope you mean, you'll donate MORE towards the stadium!

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