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We probably won't see anything for a while (unfortunately), but at least we have confirmed 2 of the 4 OOC games for next year:


9/5/09 @ Georgia Southern

9/12/09 vs. UMass


I also read (or heard) somewhere that McElroy said we will have more home games next year than away, which would mean 3 of the 4 OOC games need to be at home.


That leaves us with:

Home OOC

Home OOC


NEC games:

vs. Duquesne


vs. Sacred Heart

@ St. Francis

@ Monmouth

vs. Robert Morris

@ Wagner


I hope the home OOC games include a lower end CAA team (Hofsta/Northeastern/Rhode Island/Towson) and Fordham (or another PL or Ivy team).

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could one of the opponents be Bryant?


Could be, but I seriously hope not.

Bryant is a lose-lose situation for us. If we win - so what. If we lose - there goes any chance at the playoffs.


We want to satisfy the conditions of the conditional autobid:

(1) Win 8 DI games

(2) beat two opponents from AQ conferences (CAA, Patriot, etc...)

(3) be ranked 16th or higher in the Sportsnetwork, Coaches and Modified GPI


Playing Bryant (1) does count as a DI win next year, but (2) is not a member of a AQ conference; (3) will not do anything for our ranking.


In 2010, when we only need to win the NEC to get into the playoffs, then Bryant on the schedule makes sense. Next year, however, it would be counter productive for the goal of the making the playoffs.

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It's usually announced in March.


I thought we were playing Maine, whether home or in Orono (or Portland like last time) wasn't clear.


At Yale in 2010, right?


I had heard Maine at home, but not confirmed.


And yes, at Yale in 2010. That is confirmed in Yale's media guide.

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I also expect a late announcement this year, considering the scheduling mishap we had last year. I'm sure everything will be set in stone before its announced.


I hope its early, but early annoucements aren't generally the case around here. The sports info department is underfunded and has its hands full during Basketball season. Then comes lacross season. And football sits on the back burner during spring ball.


I hope they would get a couple of interns to write daily snippits from spring ball this year.

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Hey Danefan, I know this is off topic a bit but I was wondering if you knew how much money a typical FBS game nets for an FCS team of our caliber (yes I know we don't qualify as a Bowl eligible win so that means games would be almost impossible to schedule). Say along the lines of UNH vs Army or a Rhode Island vs. Boston College?

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App State reportedly got $750,000 to play LSU.


There was a website someone once linked on AGS that had each FBS school and what it paid in "Guarantees". I'm trying to find it and I'll post it when I do.


We also were rumored to get $95,000 plus travel when we first played at Montana in 2002. We probably got the same, or less (because of competitiveness), when we went last year.

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Here are some stats worth noting:


UNH didn't get anything from Army. Which makes sense considering Army was the underdog.


Northeastern got $350,000 to play Syracuse and $175,000 to play Ball State. These amounts are generally the payout after travel expenses.


James Madison got $150,000 to play Duke.

Western Carolina got $400,000 to play Florida State

Cal Poly got $500,000 to play Wisconsin (and lost because of a missed XP) and $200,000 to play San Diego State.

Montana State got $350,000 from Kansas St. and $300,000 from Minnesota this year. Next year they'll get $650,000 from Mich. St.

Samford got $375,000 from Ole Miss

Wofford got $220,000 to play South Carolina

Eastern Washington got $450,000 each for Texas Tech and Colorado

UMass got $300,000 from Texas Tech


Here is the website:


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Some more interesting stats for potential FBS games close to home for us:


Buffalo PAID Army $150,000 and UTEP $100,000. I'd imagine they'll probably pay SBU near $200,000 next year.

Buffalo also got PAID by Missouri $600,000 and Pitt $150,000 this year. More than a wash.


Army paid Eastern Michigan $100,000 and Akron $150,000.

Army got paid by Buffalo, Rutgers $200,000 and Texas A&M $750,000


UConn paid Hofstra $200,000, Virginia $200,000, and Baylor $200,000.

UConn got paid by Temple $200,000 and North Carolina $250,000


Syrcause paid Northeastern $350,000 and Akron $300,000.

No info on if Syracuse got paid, but I doubt it.


Rutgers paid North Carolina $200,000, Army $200,000, Morgan State (FCS) $300,000 and Fresno State $400,000.

Rutgers god paid by Navy $150,000.

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Oh the benefit of having enough schollies:


Maine is scheduled to open the season against Florida State.


Well ESPN is trying to put the Florida State vs. Miami game to opening weekend next season. In doing so, it appears that Florida State (or more likely ESPN) is trying to buy out Maine for $900,000.


That's the rough equivalent to 10 5-year, out-of-state scholarships at Albany (not counting Title IX).


And that is why you play full scholarship football.

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